An instant loan without proof of income is difficult to realize, not only in Germany. Those who first think about being able to claim a loan without Schufa will also be disappointed.

So the question is whether one can even apply for an instant loan without proof of income.

  • Proof of income is the basis for creditors, indicating whether a loan can be repaid.
  • Although Swiss banks waive the Schufa information, but also demand proof of regular income.
  • If you can not or do not want to provide proof of income, you must present a guarantor or co-applicant.

instant loan broker, Crediter, has no income limits, but a regular income must be demonstrated. If this is not possible, the loan can only be requested if a co-applicant is included in the contract that meets these conditions.

Instant loan without proof of income

Loan without proof of income. A prerequisite is, however, a co-applicant, who can provide just this proof.

  • So if you find a co-applicant, instant loans of up to € 100,000 over a term of 12 to 120 months are possible.
  • Requirements are also of age and a residence in Germany.
  • What speaks for Crediter, is that the processing times are usually very short. If a loan application has been successfully verified, it usually takes only a few hours for the money to be in the account.

With credit-credit, a loan without proof of income is possible, but then has to serve a second applicant. However, this is basically possible with all banks.


  • Also maxcredit offers the possibility of a loan without proof of income, however, a liquid guarantor must be consulted here as well.
  • Then a maxcredit loan of up to € 25,000 is possible, should the loan without Schufa information be paid, € 5,000 can be requested. The maximum term of the loans is 84 months.
  • maxcredit is one of the largest financial service providers and enjoys the trust of many customers.
  • A prerequisite is also the age of majority and residence in Germany. The applicant or the guarantor must be able to prove a regular income of over € 1,070 per month.

Maxda in the overview

Express credit

  • Also Express credit is a possibility for a loan without proof of income. Instead, the credit protection can run through a private guarantor or the Zaloan, with which xpresscredit works together.
  • The biggest benefits of xpresscredit are its quick work and the opportunity opened up by new online applications to turn the entire process into a loan without paperwork. For example, the loan agreement can be sealed by online signature and the identification can be made via Verify-U.

Instant credit to apply, without providing proof of income, is only auxmoney possible, but the chances of success are low. All other players in the financial services sector either demand a salary or a guarantor or co-applicants.