Requesting quick mini loans by phone, being able to do it online, is not very common, but it is possible.

Mini-loans by phone, who gives?

In principle, getting in touch by telephone with almost any of the financiers that commercialize the so-called express credit is very simple since, as a general rule, they expose a customer service phone in a very visible part of their websites.

Therefore, in case of not having an Internet connection, or that is not entirely secure (as from a cybercafe, for example) you can write down the telephone numbers that appear in the different online financial websites of consumer loans and make a call, to be interested in a loan.

However, there are entities, such as Creditend or Zaloan that, in addition to granting quick credits by telephone (with a conventional operator), allow the transaction to be closed by SMS messages. A very comfortable option for those who do not have, or do not want to, do it online.

If you are closer to what you are looking for, you can go to our local fast money directories, such as loans in Madrid and find, not only phones, but also addresses of financial entities and professionals related to the sector. Thus, in sections such as credits in Barcelona or, for example, in loans in Bilbao, you can find and process a quick mini-loan from your mobile or landline, although it will be difficult for the whole operation to be done without using any other means than the one telephone. Since you must, at some point, send documentation for the study of your credit operation.

As one of the biggest advantages offered by fast microcredits, apart from being without questions and without paperwork, is what their own name indicates, which are very fast, over the phone you could lose part of that agility that gives internet and online operations. In any case, we created this post so you know that, in fact, you can process it via telephone, in some cases.

In these loans by phone must be put as endorsement properties?

When we talk about loans without endorsement or payroll or property, you have to take into account that the amounts to be requested are usually small amounts, they are small immediate loans, at least compared to any average bank loan, which is normal, at least less, for a few thousand euros. In the case of microcredits of this nature, they can be 50 euros, or get, for example, a loan of 1500 euros. But the average is around € 300.

In any case, strictly speaking, it is necessary to explain that it is much easier to obtain a loan with a fixed payroll, which is possible or without it. In this they are like any other loan product, if there is a proof of wages and, in addition, it is with an indefinite contract, much better. We already know that it is a truism, but our obligation is to tell you everything. As here who makes the decision is you, we inform you and you opt for one way or another to apply for your loan, either by phone, or online.

Process a loan or quick loans by phone, what if I have a Smartphone?

If you have a mobile phone called ” Smartphone”, of course you can hire any mini credit instantly. Since the phones of medium and high range, that have Internet, are in themselves small personal computers. By this we mean that, logically, a Smartphone is a telephone, but it is also an Internet connection like almost any PC.
Anyway, we understand that if what has brought you to this article is the search for loans by phone, you mean that you can process it by making a call and not using your mobile browser, since that, strictly speaking, It is not “asking for a quick loan over the phone”.

Mini credits by phone, yes, but from the responsibility

For some time now for these days we are creating this section in our post, because the team of Instant Mini Loans works for and for the user. And for that reason, we want you to be fully informed before contracting any type of credit by phone.

And is that with personal loans by phone you have to take the same measures as if you made them through the internet or you could hire him in physical offices. The recommendations that we suggest you carry out, before “signing” any paper are very simple and basic, so you will not suppose anything more than a little of your time, which you will appreciate investing to avoid problems in the long run.

The first thing you should do before hiring any quick credit by phone you must have all the financial entities that offer you the amount you need, and with the conditions you need, on the table. Having all the complete information about them is absolutely necessary before hiring anything.

In this way, you can compare them and determine which of them is the one that best suits your particular needs and your economic possibilities. Think that the credits by mobile, although they give you facilities such as terminating mini credits by SMS, also have their own requirements, and more punctually, each entity has its own pattern and payment terms.

Therefore, it is necessary that you study, investigate and compare. Not to be impolite when it comes to hiring anything. Immediate mini credits, although they are possible in a variety of variables, can be very dangerous if you do not hire them with the responsibility they deserve. That is achieved with the simple steps that we have explained in these last lines.