The variety of online microloans available on the market causes a natural confusion when it comes to knowing which one to choose.

That is why from our website we tell you what these microloans are online and what are their conditions and offers.

Mini loans, may seem the same cut, but it’s not like that. One has its advantages and the other has its own. It will always be conditioned by your particular situation. You already know that you can read a quick summary of the best microloans that are available on our main page, which you will access by clicking on the link.

Once you compare in that first glance, you can go to the file of each of the quick microloans, clicking on “tell me more”, button located under the summary of the different mini loans online.

If you are interested in finding a microcredit without an endorsement, of course you will like the OK money offer

In the event that your problem is that you are included in delinquency lists, such as Financial Credit Institutions, you can directly visit our article on how to get fast micro-loans with Financial Credit Institutions. Similarly, you may not have that obstacle that are the lists of unpaid, but if you do not have at this time of payroll or a guarantor. In that case, look in the summary that loan entities obviate that condition.

Other times the applicant prefers a direct deal with the lender, because he might like to know who he is dealing with, visit some physical offices where, in a hypothetical case of discontent, he can go to claim, without having to be aware of emails, telephones of information (which may be paid), etc. That is why we have created the “microcredit in your locality” section composed of specific pages from each area of ​​the country. So you will find mini loans in… for example, Bilbao… Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. You can see that in the menu to the right of this page, there is a list of the cities and geographical areas that are already classified.

A short time ago we had an Internet user who had been forced to apply for a quick microloan online, for the simple reason that his bank (in which he had been a client for many years), denied him a loan of € 3000. He told us about the impotence he suffered when he realized that as a client of this bank, he did not do anything to request money urgently. The guarantees they asked for were in themselves unattainable and, as has been said so many times, he was left with the feeling that he needed to have significant capital in his account to access a loan. This logic of traditional banking is what has made many citizens choose to apply for quick microloans online. Because, obviously, although their interests are more expensive, the requirements of payroll, guarantee, prior capital… etc., Are significantly lower.

Some people ask if this should not change, if it is so difficult for the credit institutions “of a lifetime” to give a vote of confidence to the Spanish consumer (or resident in our country). And not only for the fact of asking a particular amount of money, but also extends to the financing of business projects that, logically, can not afford to pay the amounts that emanate from the interest that rapid microcredit accrues. A private individual may find it fair to charge a high fee for the granting of a mini credit, taking into account that they are not usually shuffled very high amounts and that, in general, they are small loans without too much difficulty to face their price. This changes radically when a businessman with a good project in hand does his accounts and calculates how much it would cost to finance himself through lenders. Naturally, it is very difficult for you to make an account. A company does not start with € 1000, and the prices of the microloans do not allow a financing that compensates when talking about amounts above € 6000, which is almost a trifle compared to what it means to carry out a business fairly serious.

All in all, the option of quick micro-loans, if it becomes very viable when it comes to relatively small amounts, which are returned without too much trouble and in which it does compensate to pay your fee. Although, let’s be clear, nobody would request a mini loan paying 5, if you can do it in a bank or box paying 3.

Who is to blame for this happening? We leave this reflection in the air and each one draw their own conclusions.

For the moment, as long as things do not change, the quick microloans online are there, for those who may need them. And we are here, with you, so that you do not spend a penny more than is absolutely necessary. Thank you for trusting Mini loans Instantly, we hope that your experience on our website is very satisfactory and economically productive.