17-year-old dies in Farmington crash, 21-year-old seriously injured

HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – A 17-year-old and a 21-year-old have died and were seriously injured following a two-car crash on Fienemmann Road in Farmington.

Police were called to the intersection of Colt Highway and Fienemann Road in Farmington around 8.37am on Saturday evening.

A 21-year-old and a 17-year-old were transported to local hospitals with their serious injuries.

Police identified the drivers as Luke Roux, 17, of Farmington, and Jacob Coffey, 21.

Roux later succumbed to his injuries at John Dempsey Hospital.

The North Central Accident Reconstruction team is investigating this accident.

Farmington Public Schools sent a letter to the Farmington Public School Community:

Dear Farmington Families, Faculty and Staff,

We write this letter with overwhelming grief as we sadly share that a beloved Farmington High School (FHS) Class of 2022 graduate, Luke Matthew Roux, tragically passed away Saturday night. Luke, a proud and distinguished member of the Class of 2022, recently attended our FHS graduation ceremony with his loving and dedicated family by his side. Luke was accepted and was scheduled to attend the University of Connecticut in the fall of 2022. We hold Luke’s loving parents, Carri and Stephen and his siblings, Nathan and Edison, close to our hearts during this time of loss and unimaginable grief.

Luke will be deeply missed in countless, profound ways. His kind and gentle personality throughout school, his perseverance and work ethic on and off the baseball diamond and hockey rink, and his outstanding academic achievements will be remembered by the student body, faculty , staff and administration of Farmington Public Schools. Luke’s spirit of giving back to his community for a greater good and constantly acting as a leader, especially during difficult times, will remain with us. We cherish every memory and feel honored to have known and been a part of Luke’s life for the past thirteen years. Our hearts are broken by the loss of such an amazing, kind and loved young man.

Strong ties are an integral part of the school district and the Farmington community. Therefore, the tragic loss of one of our students has an immense effect on all of us. Luke formed many strong and lasting relationships and friendships with other students and adults throughout his K-12 studies at Farmington. We are committed to supporting our students, families, faculty and staff during this difficult time. We will have counseling available at Farmington High School from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Please feel free to call the following phone number for assistance (860) 351-7419. We will extend counseling days/hours as needed as we get through the difficult days ahead.

Please see the attached family resource information below. Again, please use the telephone number and counseling services provided if your child needs support due to the impact of the sudden death of such a dear friend and classmate.

We come together as a close and connected community to remember Luke lovingly and to support his parents, family and friends now and in the difficult days, weeks and months ahead. Please join us in sending our deepest condolences and wishes for peace and comfort to Luke’s family. We carry Luke in our hearts and cherish the memories of his unwavering care for others, his commitment to excellence in all aspects of his life, and his generous and magnificent spirit.

In this letter, she included a list of strategies to help your child cope with the loss.

Strategies to help your child cope with a loss

· Help your child realize that a loss has occurred.

· Allow and encourage your child to feel, identify and normalize their feelings.

· Help name your child’s feelings about the loss.

sadness and tears

· Anger

Guilt and Blame


· To fear

· Loss of control

· Being overwhelmed

· Confusion

· Anxiety

· Encourage dialogue with other family members, but be calm.

· Encourage discussion of positive memories of the lost person.

· Respect fears and doubts.

· Incorporate the use of the family spiritual belief system to help with coping.

· Everyone experiences grief differently. Be prepared to show verbal, nonverbal, and physical support to your child based on their individual needs.

· Encourage children to talk and ask questions.

· Tell your child that nothing he did or thought had anything to do with the death.

· Give your child lots of comfort. The fear of abandonment can be very strong.

· Accept some transient behaviors – change in sleep, eating, and relationships with others.

· Ask your child to creatively express their memories and feelings through poems, drawings, journal entries and/or verbally sharing memories.

Establish and/or maintain routines and schedules as much as possible

She also included online resources such as Children’s health, National Association of School Psychologistsand a .PDF guide on how to talk to teens about pain.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Jason Hughes at (860) 675-2461, or [email protected]

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