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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The recent lifting of the outdoor mask mandate raises questions for those who are fully vaccinated, especially those wondering what they can do now.

As more and more people are fully immunized, doctors point out that this is not a way to do everything you want.

They say people will have to get used to doing a risk analysis wherever they go.

While the lifting of the Outer Mask mandate creates a path to a more normal July 4, as President Joe Biden had hoped, there is no way of knowing who is fully vaccinated.

“If you’re not too sure about their status, the next best step is to wear a mask,” said Keith Grant, APRN for Hartford HealthCare.

Grant then answered further questions from CH 3 viewers on Wednesday:

What are the long-term chances that the vaccine is linked to cancers?

  • “There is no data, at this point, that would indicate a potential link to cancer,” Grant said.

How should I get together with my friends and family indoors if we are all fully immunized?

  • “If you’re all vaccinated, you’re perfectly fine to assemble inside without a mask,” Grant said.

What if I’m fully vaccinated but they’re not and we’re hanging out inside?

  • “So that’s a risk factor. Someone is increasing the risk, ”Grant said.

What if you are fully vaccinated and have been exposed to someone who has had COVID?

  • “I would watch for symptoms, but you’re generally expected to be perfectly fine,” Grant said.

Grant said he sees the state moving in the right direction, thanks to healthcare workers and the people of Connecticut.

“So the individuals who are vaccinated. The people who are working to get vaccinated, I think we will have a better opportunity to enjoy this safe summer, ”Grant said.

He added that he expects there will be more questions as more people become fully vaccinated.

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