Bristol and Newington neighborhoods get white supremacist flyers – NBC Connecticut

A white supremacist group is actively trying to recruit people from many communities in the state.

This week residents of Bristol and Newington found paper solicitations from the New England Nationalist Social Club strewn on the streets and personal property in various neighborhoods.

In Bristol on Monday, Ohio Street landlords faced a flurry of unsolicited recruitment notices.

“I went out to fetch my garbage and there was literature all over the streets. Blowing on the lawns, ”said Jeff Galipo.

Literature appears as a recruitment tool. In part, it reads: “We oppose anti-American and anti-white criminal street gangs such as MS 13, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. We are for us. By us and against those who are against us.

“That’s not really what this country is about,” said Dan Boyce of Bristol. “We are about inclusion rather than exclusion.”

Like Bristol, Newington was targeted by the same group on Monday. Ken House lives on Magnolia Street where he found the papers.

“It was sad,” House said. “It’s sad for me because it’s quite a multicultural region.”

Marlon Deer lives nearby. Although he hadn’t seen the papers, he was worried.

“I think it’s ridiculous because we’re just people,” Deer said.

Deer moved to the United States from Jamaica when he was a teenager. He has three children, aged 5 to 16, and knows he will have to discuss this with them.

“I have to teach them that these [things] exist. Because I don’t want them to be surprised when they come out. I want them to be prepared,” Deer said.

Bristol and Newington join the list of Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, Southington and Enfield who have all had similar incident reports this year. Newington’s Travis Piskura lives a block from where the literature was published on Monday and said he was appalled.

“One thing people should remember is that Americans are Americans,” Piskura said. “We are we are all one people.”

The Newington Police Chief said officers were unable to develop any information on who was responsible for releasing the literature. He also tells us that Newington is in contact with other law enforcement agencies as they monitor the situation.

NBC Connecticut also emailed the address on the documents for their version of the story, but received no response.

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