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By Christine Moore, Commissioner of Orange County, District 2

Campaigning season is the perfect time to engage citizens in discussing the goals and aspirations of their communities. I love hearing from citizens and the campaigns make this possible for a wider range of residents.

I use a project-based volunteer approach to improve communities. Once we’ve finished a project, I usually see more people plugging into existing civic organizations, like the folks at Lockhart, Tangerine Improvement Society, Pine Hills Council, or my Neighborhood Leaders Group. It is one of my biggest goals to create additional groups to serve all unincorporated areas of the district.

If you would like to join my group of neighborhood leaders, please contact Kathy or Alex at (407) 836-5850. This group meets quarterly to work on improving five areas: economic conditions, security, public infrastructure, social structures and sustainability practices. We use murals, sustainability projects and cleanups as tools.

I currently have active groups in Wekiwa Springs, Lockhart, North Pine Hills, Southern Apopka and Northern Apopka. Again, my goal is for these groups to eventually operate independently of county government. I am here to provide support and assistance as groups grow and prosper.

I also write regular columns for the Apopka Voice and Apopka Chief and office newsletters. Residents who regularly read either of these publications tend to participate. Together, we have developed strategic plans and built frameworks for success.

So I hope that after reading this article you will join one of our existing groups in Wekiwa Springs, Lockhart, North Pine Hills and Southern Apopka or one of our new groups in Paradise Heights and Zellwood.

I have to give you a specific example of how getting involved in a local organization benefits the whole community. Last month, I organized a cleanup for the Clarcona-Ocoee Road corridor which is in the West Lockhart and North Pine Hills areas. The cleanings took place the first two weekends of June. More than a hundred able-bodied people were present. We were able to paint two walls, plant landscaping on three properties, clean up a dilapidated gas station, pressure wash sidewalks at an intersection, and engage business owners and religious leaders. Although there is still work to be done, we have had a significant and lasting impact on improving community standards in the region.

So, I hope you will contact my office to start receiving a newsletter or joining an area improvement project. Together we will build stronger communities in Northwest Orange County.

POL ADV Paid and Approved by Christine Moore, Nonpartisan, for Orange County Commission, #2

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