Chase the most beautiful sunset amid the natural beauty of Crosswinds Tagaytay

Sunsets in the Philippines are always majestic and magical, a love letter from the universe to tell us that endings can also be beautiful, and endings can also mean new beginnings.

It’s the time of day when the sun says goodbye to the world and casts its magic on nature. The round crimson ball slowly disappears on the horizon and beautiful colors form an incredible backdrop – pink, scarlet, yellow, orange, a kaleidoscope of colors, for sure.

The result is a divine glow that fills the sky and the clouds and horizon sparkle with a crimson red light. Neither your eyes nor your soul will have enough beauty while the sun is setting.

If you admire the beauty of sunsets, remember that there are many places where you can experience it or enjoy its soothing, beautiful and life-changing moments, be it from the top of a mountain, on the lake or the lush and panoramic natural hills. like at Crosswinds in Tagaytay.

An exclusive Swiss-inspired community

Cool breezes, crisp mountain air and the earthy smell of pine trees are just a prelude to chasing the most beautiful sunset at this gem of a luxury resort.

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Inspired by the equally shining natural beauty of Switzerland, with its verdant forests and glistening mountain peaks, Crosswinds is the exclusive 100-hectare enclave of Brittany Corp. which includes lot properties, luxury homes and residential buildings.

Cool breezes, crisp mountain air and the earthy scent of pine trees are just a prelude to chasing the most beautiful sunset at this gem of a luxury resort.

In Crosswinds you can enjoy the magical sunset on the balcony of your Swiss chalet-style home with large windows that unite the interior with the exterior and allow you to experience the mountain soul of typical chalet architecture Swiss.

Here, one can savor the breathtaking views of the setting sun every day.

While sunsets are a literal end to a day, they have also become symbols of tranquility and the promise of renewal – a great reminder to rest and reset at the end of each day.

Making the Most of Sunset Crosswinds

In Crosswinds, there are plenty of things to do to unwind after a long day of work while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Sunset meditation is the perfect way to unwind. Find a quiet place outside and close your eyes or keep them open and watch the light change.

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You can enjoy a romantic gastronomic evening at 620 meters above sea level with the various retail concepts such as the Instagram-worthy food and coffee place Dear Joe, the Windmill Lausanne, Napa and Ruined Project?

These places offer sumptuous meals and refreshing drinks. Diners can step out to admire the spectacular sunset and the experience is enhanced by the cool breeze and the unique views made more beautiful by the stunning orange colored streaks of the Tagaytay sky.

weekend trips

If you’re visiting for the weekend, you can stay overnight at Crosswinds Resort Suites and start the next day with a hearty breakfast. From the hotel you can see a breathtaking mountain panorama and the sunset over the lush pine forest, a perfect place to see the evening in an elegant ambiance.

If you are staying in one of the Swiss Chalet style homes or Alpine Villas condominium units, you can treat yourself to relaxing on the balcony while watching the sun slowly slip over the horizon, a truly surreal experience to top it all off. your day.

Awareness and connection to the sun is vital for mental, physical and emotional health.

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Many people would agree that the warm colors of the sunset have the power to stop just about anyone in their tracks. When your attention is fully captured by the awesome colors of the sky, you truly lose yourself in the moment and slow down time. It is also meditative and will allow you to clear your mind of all outside noises.

Witnessing the whole place’s golden hour allows you to see Crosswinds’ exceptional scenery, enjoy unparalleled activities, and explore its exclusive and tranquil community.

Make Crowsswinds your home

If you want to make Crosswinds your home, there are many residential developments to choose from, depending on your needs.


There is Lausanne, a limited collection of prime residential lots that exhibit true harmony with nature, as the entire development is built around a vast forest of over 35,000 pine trees half a kilometer above. above sea level, giving it a distinct, rarefied air and ambiance.

This 24-hectare area offers enchanting panoramas with views of the lush hills of Tagaytay, the serene Laguna de Bay and the Metro skyline. The first tranche of luxury lots for sale in Lausanne is located at the highest point in the region.

Crosswinds Ready Homes

Sunset is a beautiful time of day, whether the light reflects off the city skyline, whether you watch the last rays shine over the ocean, or simply enjoy the magical sunset on the balcony of your Swiss chalet style house.

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If you want to move in hassle-free, you can take advantage of the impressive ready-to-occupy residences.

Taking full advantage of this light and airy location, Crosswinds ready-built homes have been carefully designed with large full-height windows to allow maximum natural light to flood each home.

And – as the daylight fades – residents of Crosswinds can relax and curl up by a charming log fire at the end of the day. This is relaxed, quiet living at its best.

The Great Quarter

Those who want to experience Swiss life even more deeply can choose to live in the luxury Swiss chalet-inspired condominiums located within the exclusive community.

Le Grand Quartier was intentionally designed to resemble the Swiss countryside, with naturally sunny rooms and vintage yet charming exteriors that add a feeling of simple luxury. Balconies invite the outdoors in and offer simply spectacular views.

The Grand Quartier is well placed within a variety of amenities, commercial establishments and points of interest. The first two towers are fully operational as a condotel, known as Crosswinds Resort Suites, while the third tower, consisting of six floors, offers the opportunity to personally use one’s unit or to invest and earn in the renting. After a long day, nothing better than to relax in a warm and comfortable place.

Alpine Villas

The Alpine Villas are three mid-rise towers, namely Bernese, Blanc and Brienz, located 582 meters above sea level and offering excellent views of the exclusive community of Crosswinds, the lush green foliage of the pine trees, the open green spaces and the commercial strip.

Alpine Villas offers well-designed, space-saving vertical residences with a mix of studio with balcony and one bedroom with balcony and equipped with 24/7 security protocols, including CCTV in all common areas and Wi-Fi.

Indeed, there are many ways to experience and enjoy crosswinds, sunsets, sunrises, mountain breezes and all.

Brittany Corp., the company behind this exclusive nature-inspired enclave, also offers a fine selection of home designs, high-end condominiums and properties on land in prime locations such as Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat and Georgia Club in Sta. Rose, Lagoon.

For more information on Brittany Corp.’s collection of luxury properties, visit You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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