Community helps Weaver High School baseball team get started with donated gear – NBC Connecticut

The Weaver High School baseball team in Hartford wanted to kick off their season and with the help of the community, they did just that.

The school will be hosting its first baseball program since 2016 and they needed a little push from the baseball community to make it work.

Weaver only had a handful of players who had actually played before, so they needed equipment.

A friend from school posted on Twitter asking for slightly worn gloves and cleats for the players. And before they know it, they’ve been receiving donations from all over the United States.

“I had kids the first few days who threw without a glove, just throwing and catching with their hands. That’s all we could do, it was just much appreciated. I mean, all of those kids are thrilled to have new equipment and new things to play on the field with,” baseball coach Jamie Verab said.

People from Florida and California donated, as did the Hartford Yard Goats.

“When I heard we had donations from California and the team that’s here in Hartford supporting us, that means a lot,” junior Jaiden Degros said.

The prospect of a new baseball program has made many kids want to try something new.

“This is actually my first year playing baseball. I’ve never played a day in my life,” sophomore Jose Laboy said.

“It’s a blessing, honestly. I’m very grateful for that,” he continued.

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