Connecticut mother feels she’s ‘at the bottom of the abyss’ after spending 3 years trying to mend IRS confusion by declaring her dead – CBS New York

DARIEN, Connecticut (CBSNewYork) – Connecticut mom says IRS is deemed dead, and it ruins her life.

Jackie Cassidy is a single mother of four from Darien, and she is very much alive.

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“I don’t know who to turn to,” she told CBS2’s Ali Bauman.

Cassidy’s husband died in 2017. She filed the papers to update the IRS, and then, the following year, filed her own taxes.

“In two weeks, I receive a letter. “We cannot process your return. The person sending this is dead, ”Cassidy said.

She immediately contacted the IRS to clarify the confusion.

“No one could give me any leads or pointers on how to solve such a parody,” she said.

She sent them all possible identification documents.

“Passport, permit. I’ve done it a few times with complete inertia, ”Cassidy said.

She even asked the Social Security Administration to verify that she is alive, but that didn’t work either. She received a letter saying, “You are not known to have passed away.”

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She’s been going through this every year for three years.

“I have a lot of security questions. I guess because they think I’m dead they might not be trusting who I am, asking these questions, ”Cassidy said.

In the meantime, she paid her taxes, but received no refund, and she missed two stimulus checks for which she qualified.

“I could desperately use it,” she said.

Now she can’t even apply for financial assistance for her daughter’s school fees.

“Financial aid requires that you have a tax return processed,” Cassidy said. “Can this be rectified?” “

CBS2 has repeatedly asked the IRS on behalf of Cassidy why this is taking so long to resolve and what the protocol is for anyone in this situation, but the only response from the IRS is that federal law prohibits them from comment on specific questions concerning taxpayers.

“I kinda feel like I’ve hit rock bottom,” Cassidy said.

Someone from the IRS told us they would look into Cassidy’s case. We’ll keep pressing them until Cassidy is brought back from the dead.

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Cassidy has also worked with the Connecticut Taxpayers Advocate Office, but so far they haven’t been able to make progress with the IRS either.

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