Connecticut residents try to ease pump pain

The average price per gallon in Connecticut is now at an all-time high, near $5

CONNECTICUT, USA – There is no relief in sight for drivers when it comes to how much they pay at the pump.

“It’s crazy, I have to drop children off at school, at work, lots of stuff. It’s really crazy,” said Yvel Louis of Wetherfield.

Gasoline prices have been rising for months. Now averaging nearly $5 a gallon, it’s impacting people’s wallets, so they’re doing what they can, to save as much as they can.

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“I don’t normally fill my tank when I put gas in. I just try to stick to about $40 every time I put gas in,” said Daniel Martin of Springfield, MA.

Others pay more attention to where they fill up and look for gas stations with the lowest prices.

“I come here to save money, to find something cheaper. It’s better here than where I was,” Louis said.

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Some people choose to leave the car behind and choose to take public transport instead.

“The journey from the bus station to my house is 3 miles compared to coming here which is 10 miles. That doesn’t seem like a lot but you add it up over 5 days, you add it up over a month, I save at least a tank or two full,” said John Brown of West Hartford.

Many commuters in and out of Hartford each day said they’ve been taking the bus for years, but with gas prices higher than ever, the benefit is even greater.

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“I don’t have to drive, deal with traffic downtown. Right now the buses are free, which is great,” said Emma Wieduwilt of Newington.

Experts said they don’t expect prices to fall anytime soon. So to help save, they suggest refilling your tank more often.

“If the price keeps going up, don’t wait until it’s all empty to fill up. Because by then the price will have gone up again,” said John Rosen, professor of economics at the University of New Haven. .

In times of inflation, when so many things are more expensive, they also suggest trying to budget as best you can.

“Probably the most important thing you can do is figure out what other expenses you have to give up to pay the higher gas prices, because I don’t think they’ll come down in 2022,” Rosen said.

AAA has more fuel saving tips than you can see here.

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