Connecticut-sized Russian exclave is a new flashpoint in Europe: report

By December, several dates have been set for the implementation of the restrictions.

New Delhi:

Member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are bracing for heightened tension after a Russian warning to Lithuania for applying European Union restrictions on specific products destined for the Kaliningrad enclave – a part of Russia wedged between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea coast, Newsweek reported.

The Kremlin has threatened Lithuania with “serious consequences” if it imposes import restrictions on certain products, such as Russian steel and iron ore, on the European Union, or EU.

According to the message, Baltic diplomats informed them that Moscow was “dragging” and that its North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, was competing and looking for loopholes in the alliance’s coordinated front on Ukraine.

Some of the EU’s fourth round of sanctions, which included the restrictions, came into force last weekend in response to Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

By December, several dates have been set for the implementation of restrictions on products such as Russian coal, cement and alcohol. The conflict over Kaliningrad, a region the size of Connecticut that relies heavily on Russia’s land routes through Lithuania, could potentially escalate, the post added.

“Land transit between the Kaliningrad region and other parts of the Russian Federation has not been stopped or banned,” the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said. “The transit of passengers and goods not sanctioned by the EU continues without restrictions. The Republic of Lithuania does not apply any national unilateral restrictive measures in this regard.”

Given the sensitivity of the circumstance, a diplomatic representative from the Baltic states who did not want his name or nationality made public told Newsweek that the Russian response was not unexpected and that Moscow was overreacting.

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