CT lawmakers responded to President Biden’s speech to Congress

For the first time in his presidency, President Joe Biden addressed Congress.

HARTFORD, Connecticut – President Joseph Biden addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time in his presidency on Wednesday, detailing how America is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and optimistically highlighted further growth post -pandemic.

Connecticut lawmakers responded to the speech, praising the president and passing the American Rescue Plan Act.

“On the eve of the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration’s tenure, I congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris on the remarkable progress they have already made in building back better. With 200 million vaccines administered nationwide, the American Rescue Plan Act enacted and providing life-saving aid to all Americans, and with an economy already recouping lost jobs and poised for tremendous growth, it’s clear that the United States is back on track.

“The bailout is an important and vital first step on the road to full recovery. In Connecticut, my administration proposed using these federal resources to dramatically improve our support for new families, expand high-quality child care opportunities, re-engage our students, and help small businesses recover and thrive. But there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that our recovery is comprehensive, sustainable and fair.

“Last month, President Biden proposed the US Jobs Plan, which will energize our economy, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, create millions of good jobs, and position the United States to outperform global competition. Tonight, President Biden offered his plan for American families that will ensure everyone has a chance to participate in the American Dream. It proposes to invest sustainably in our children and our families by making health insurance, childcare and education affordable for all. Together, these plans are exactly how our nation will emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic even stronger than before and ensure that the 21st century is defined by innovation, ingenuity and American values.

Representative Joe Courtney:

“President Biden’s far-sighted speech tonight leaves no doubt about his determination to deliver real results for the American people. In his first 100 days, working with Congress, President Biden signed the US bailout. This bill has already succeeded in carrying out the largest immunization program in the world; it has provided real financial assistance to the American middle class, small businesses, and state and local governments; and tax relief for families with children, to name a few. Now President Biden has challenged Congress and the nation to reinvest in what really powers the American economy: our workers and our families. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell has warned our economic landscape ‘will be different’ after the pandemic, and we need to make sure America’s families and workforce are prepared with it. more economic certainty, early access to quality education and meaningful opportunities. retooling skills for highly skilled and well-paid careers. This is exactly what the American Families Plan offers.

“I enthusiastically support President Biden’s call to action on infrastructure, clean energy and skills training, which will be especially critical to growing and prospering in the state of Connecticut. Finally, her heartfelt thanks to the COVID heroes of our country have been greatly appreciated, especially to my guest tonight, Ms. Sherri Dayton, a nurse at Backus Hospital in Norwich who has valiantly cared for patients in our region in the crisis of most difficult healthcare of the modern era. . “

Representative John Larson:

“After just 99 days in office, President Biden has already made significant progress in the fight against COVID and in helping Americans. His US bailout is the most important law since the New Deal. He has put vaccines in the guns, money in the pockets of people, children in class, people back at work and helping our communities.

“Tonight, the president spoke about the rest. The American Jobs plan would put Americans back to work and invest in transformational infrastructure projects that will correct the mistakes of the past and prepare for the future, like the Hartford 400 plan.

“The newly announced US Family Plan would be a historic investment in education and child care. It would make education affordable from preschool to college, provide families with economic security (including the provision of paid family and medical leave), and much more. This is a one-generation plan to move our country forward. ”

Senator Richard Blumenthal:

“(Wednesday’s) speech was energetic but far-sighted, disciplined and determined. I was moved by the sense of history in the House – reaffirming that democracy works after the heinous riot attack and the hardships and heartache of the past year. President Biden’s speech met the moment: his focus on getting Americans back to work and conquering the pandemic. President Biden has spoken of stopping gun violence with a passion and clarity that is both moving and motivating. For the first time in a long time, we heard a vision for the American that prompts us to look to the future with optimism and energy.

Rosa DeLauro Representative:

“Tonight has been a historic night for many reasons. For me, the most moving thing was seeing for the first time two women seated behind the Speaker: the first female vice-president and the first female speaker of the House.

“It was also a night of great promise and hope. Thanks to President Biden and our Democratic Congress, America is on the move again. I am honored to have been in the Chamber this evening as President Biden highlighted my efforts to continuously expand and improve the Child Tax Credit and to call for passage of my equality legislation compensation, the Paycheck Fairness Act.

“In 100 days, President Biden began to deliver on his promises and laid the groundwork for transformational change. Building on the guns and cash in our pocket that we have already delivered, President Biden has crafted a vision for our country to overcome the pandemic, create opportunity and build architecture for a prosperous and equitable future.

“By raising the minimum wage to $ 15, reinventing the way we take care of children, standing up for workers and unions, and focusing on Buy American, this vision centers on how government can work for the people will turn our economy into an economy that will leave no one behind. behind. Together, we will build on the success of the American Rescue Plan, work to develop legislation based on the American Jobs Plan, and Plan of American familiesand help every family and community in every corner of the nation to rebuild better.


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