Dream Away Lodge will reopen with new owners, preserved atmosphere

The iconic Dream Away Lodge in Becket is under new ownership. Photo by Jeff Fay.

Beckett— The Dream Away Lodge, located at 1342 County Rd., will reopen with new owners in April. The lodge, which operates on a 200-plus-year-old farm, has a heritage that stretches back over 90 years, from its founder Mamma Maria Frasca to its last owner Daniel Osman who purchased the lodge in 1997.

In 2020, as the pandemic continued through spring and summer, the lodge was open for outdoor dining events. However, it closed in September 2020 and Osman then put the lodge up for sale in March 2021 for $1,250,000.

In February, the Davis Companies of Boston announced plans to establish the lodge and an adjacent parcel at 1402 County Rd. as the location of both a restaurant and a glamping facility known as the campground. Dream Away. However, after several months of public hearings by the city’s planning board and ensuing protests from residents, the company finally backed out of its plans.

On Sunday, October 2, it was announced that Osman had sold the restaurant. The new owners are Daniel Giddings and his wife April Wilson and Scott Levy and his wife Sheryl Victor Levy. The four created the ownership group The Dream Away Lodge Restaurant LLC. “I’ve been to the Berkshires all my life,” Scott Levy told The Berkshire Edge. “My family bought a house in Becket in 2004. We both frequented the lodge and we are both friends with Daniel Osman.”

“I live in Redding, Connecticut, but I’ve been riding in the Berkshires for a while,” Giddings said. “My best friend’s grandparents had a house just across the border in New York. Ever since I was seven, we’d been going to all the cool cultural stuff in the Berkshires.

Giddings once owned three other restaurants, and he said going to Dream Away over the years has been a memorable experience. “There are a lot of restaurants I’ve been to that weren’t memorable,” Giddings said. “But once in a while, there’s a place you came to and you still talk about it years later.”

Giddings said Osman showed him and Levy around the lodge when it closed in October 2021. “He invited a group of friends to have dinner with us when it was closed,” said Giddings. “It was a memorable experience as it was almost like the Dream Away was open for business again and alive again.”

Regarding the changes made to the restaurant when it opened, Giddings said the ownership group intended to keep the Dream Away Lodge as it was as much as possible. “For me, the first thing that comes to mind is that there’s something so unique and special when you walk through the door,” Giddings said. “There is a transformation that happens in time and tastes in a certain way when you walk in. And you are always greeted by wonderful, warm people, including restaurant guests and patrons, as well as Daniel and all its staff and chef Amy [Loveless] who was there at the time. There’s just a warm and positive, artsy, fun and playful way about this place. When you combine that with the Dream Away story, I think when you see something like that, you want to preserve it because I think a lot of people who come in want to change it. I think we saw that as something that was in danger and something special to preserve. »

Although Loveless will not be returning as chef when the lodge reopens, Giddings said when it reopens the lodge’s menu will have something for everyone. “We’re not going to do any specific type of esoteric food,” he said. “We want a well-balanced menu that can be perfect for a couple on a date or a family. We want it to be a gathering place for everyone.

The two said musical performances would return to the lodge once it reopens.

However, the ownership group does not intend to continue the previously applied glamping resort plans. “We have absolutely no plan for that,” Giddings said.

The press release announcing the new owners states: “The Dream Away will once again be Berkshire’s magical place – so close and yet so far away, the secret place you know it or not!”

“Daniel Osman wrote this,” Giddings said. “What he meant by that was that in the good old days of the Dream Away, you had to be aware of it because they didn’t advertise or use marketing. You had to know someone who knew about Dream Away and invited you there. It was even hard to find before we had Google Maps. It was very unique in its time, and there are still people in this area who don’t even know it. I would say what is really a secret is how wonderful it is.

Giddings added that he hopes Osman will still be involved with the Dream Away Lodge in some way once it reopens.

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