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Connecticut has enacted legislation that, effective October 1, 2021, will require employers of all sizes to disclose “salary range” information to employees and applicants. In the case of a job seeker, employers will be required to inform this person, on request, but at the latest when an offer of employment is made, of the salary range provided for the position. The salary range for a position should also be provided to existing employees at their request, when they are hired or when they change positions. When determining the “salary range”, the law states that employers may refer to any applicable salary range, any previously determined salary range, the actual range of employees in comparable positions or the amount budgeted for the position.

The law comes with a mighty hammer – a private cause of action. Thus, employees and candidates can take legal action if the law is violated and may be entitled to compensatory damages, attorney fees and punitive damages.

Connecticut joins a small handful of other jurisdictions with similar laws, including Colorado, which enacted a law that came into effect in early 2021. The perceived burden of Colorado’s law has been so significant that it there are several published accounts of national employers excluding Colorado-based workers. job offers for remote positions to avoid disclosures of salary scales.

Whether Connecticut law applies to remote workers is not specifically addressed in the law, but employers may have to assume at this point that it does.

Employers will need to quickly develop a process to ensure that any request for pay scale information is not ignored. Employers will also need to develop a process to provide this information in relation to any employee being offered a job, hired or changing jobs. Failure to do so risks defending against a costly lawsuit.

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Bishop Amat and Bonita hope for road upheaval to open regional baseball playoffs – Pasadena Star News https://ohills-ag.org/bishop-amat-and-bonita-hope-for-road-upheaval-to-open-regional-baseball-playoffs-pasadena-star-news/ https://ohills-ag.org/bishop-amat-and-bonita-hope-for-road-upheaval-to-open-regional-baseball-playoffs-pasadena-star-news/#respond Mon, 21 Jun 2021 18:00:00 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/bishop-amat-and-bonita-hope-for-road-upheaval-to-open-regional-baseball-playoffs-pasadena-star-news/

The Bishop Amat baseball team felt their season was over when they lost to Orange Lutheran 2-1 in the CIF South Section Division 1 quarterfinal.

Teams that qualified for the CIF-SS Division 1 semi-finals were guaranteed a spot in the CIF State Southern California Regional playoffs, but with multiple teams, including CIF-SS Division 1 champion Harvard- Westlake, choosing not to participate, opened up places in the six-division, eight-team playoffs.

With Harvard-Westlake out, Bishop Amat (20-8) asked to participate and got a spot. The Lancers are the No. 8 seed in Division I and must travel to Clovis to face seed Buchanan (29-2) in the first round Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

Buchanan beat Liberty 17-4 to win the CIF Center Section Division 1 title, but the Center Section is nowhere near as busy as the South Section, especially in Division 1, so the Lancers have some solid chances to move forward.

If Bishop Amat wins, he will face winner Eastlake-Ayala in Thursday’s regional semi-final.

The seeds of the state playoffs are often puzzles, and this is the case of Bonita (17-6). The Bearcats are the No. 5 seed in Division II and must hit the road to face No. 4 La Costa Canyon (19-13) for Tuesday’s 4 p.m. first round game.

Bonita performed well in the Division 2 CIF-SS playoffs, losing to future champion Thousand Oaks in the semifinals. But even with just six losses, he found himself ranked behind a team with 13 losses, finished fourth in the Coast League and lost in the CIF San Diego Section Open Division title game 10-2 after entering the tournament as a sixth seed.

On the other hand, it’s probably a good draw for Bonita, who has a good chance of reaching the second round where she would face No.1 Trabuco Hills or El Camino Real. Thousand Oaks, who beat Trabuco Hills for the CIF-SS Division 2 title, withdrew from the tournament.

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What I miss in small town life after moving to New York https://ohills-ag.org/what-i-miss-in-small-town-life-after-moving-to-new-york/ https://ohills-ag.org/what-i-miss-in-small-town-life-after-moving-to-new-york/#respond Mon, 21 Jun 2021 16:31:48 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/what-i-miss-in-small-town-life-after-moving-to-new-york/

I don’t miss the lack of options for food and entertainment.

A poppy seed bagel with cream cheese from Katz’s Delicatessen.

Joey Hadden / Business Insider

Many restaurants in New York City can be pricey, but there are so many more to choose from, including cheaper options. In New York, we are really spoiled for choice. There is so much to see, do and eat that it can be overwhelming at times. While most restaurants are open for outdoor dining and take-out only, having so many options makes eating well during the pandemic all the easier.

When I lived in a small town, I went to the same restaurants over and over again – and none of them were half as good as the places I have been here in New York. Not to mention, when I quarantined myself in Connecticut at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, cooking was practically the only option as most local restaurants were closed completely.

Even though most of New York’s entertainment options were initially limited due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were still ways to get out and have fun – while wearing a mask, of course. Outdoor comedy shows, impromptu musical performances in parks and more are fun activities that are less common in the country.

Now New York is pretty much open, while there is still not much to do at home in Connecticut.

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Hot, heavy today with showers possible, thunderstorms later | New https://ohills-ag.org/hot-heavy-today-with-showers-possible-thunderstorms-later-new/ https://ohills-ag.org/hot-heavy-today-with-showers-possible-thunderstorms-later-new/#respond Mon, 21 Jun 2021 12:51:15 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/hot-heavy-today-with-showers-possible-thunderstorms-later-new/

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The first full day of summer will be hot, humid and include the possibility of showers and thunderstorms.

Meteorologist Lorin Richardson said that while Connecticut will be largely untouched by what is now Tropical Storm Claudette, some of the moisture from it will end up in the state.

“Due to this humidity, we will feel too humid at certain times of the day. [Monday]”Richardson said.” It will be hot and humid, in the 90s inland and in the 80s along the shore. “

A marginal risk of severe storms occurs during the evening hours, and even in the northwest corner of the state. They will be the result of a cold front.

“From 6 pm to 9 pm, we can expect isolated showers and storms to pass through our state from the west and separate as they head toward I-91,” Richardson said.

After this period, western Connecticut will experience cloudy conditions.

Occasional showers are possible overnight.

Temperatures are expected to be mild in the 60s and 70s.

Fog could be a problem for Tuesday morning.

A few scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are again possible on Tuesday.

“The high pressure comes back on Wednesday and Thursday and the humidity is dropping,” Richardson said. “It will be much more comfortable and we will see abundant sunshine.”

Read the full technical discussion here.

For weather updates on smartphones and tablets, go to here or send “WFSB” to 23765 to download the Channel 3 application.

Copyright 2021 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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The storm continues before the brief calm https://ohills-ag.org/the-storm-continues-before-the-brief-calm/ https://ohills-ag.org/the-storm-continues-before-the-brief-calm/#respond Mon, 21 Jun 2021 00:52:00 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/the-storm-continues-before-the-brief-calm/

MetService forecasts continuous active weather for eastern and central Aotearoa, before the weather system moves away eastward on Tuesday, taking the wet and windy weather with it.

A complex low pressure system slowly moved across the North Island over the weekend and brought persistent rains over much of the North Island and northeastern South Island, causing surface flooding in places.

MetService meteorologist Mmathapelo Makgabutlane explained: “Parts of Gisborne received around 220mm of rain, while more than 150mm fell in parts of the Coromandel Peninsula, the Hawke’s Bay ranges, up to the greater Wellington area on Saturday and Sunday.

The low continues to break through today (Monday), and the east and lower North Island are still on the way to further heavy rains. Wairarapa sees this risk until tonight, when an orange warning is in effect, while the stretch between the hills of the Wairoa district of Hawke’s Bay south of Gisborne could receive heavy rain tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

“Further rains are expected over areas of Gisborne which experienced heavy rains and flooding over the weekend, but the heaviest rains are expected to be further south, where flooding is also possible,” Makgabutlane commented. .

The eastern South Island, where the weather system also provided heavy accumulations of precipitation, is already on a clearing trend today, while many inland parts of the lower South Island remain under low clouds, as they have been for some time.

The low is also bringing a compression of southeasterly winds to central New Zealand today, where strong wind watches and warnings have been issued. Winds pick up in eastern Bay of Plenty tomorrow before dawn, but the strong wind watch is only valid there until 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The low recedes in the course of Tuesday and is briefly replaced by a high pressure ridge. This sees a period of calmer weather before the next wave of wet weather rolls in the other direction, affecting the western South Island from Wednesday evening.

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Famous escaped pal the Beefalo adjusts to life in Florida – NBC Connecticut https://ohills-ag.org/famous-escaped-pal-the-beefalo-adjusts-to-life-in-florida-nbc-connecticut/ https://ohills-ag.org/famous-escaped-pal-the-beefalo-adjusts-to-life-in-florida-nbc-connecticut/#respond Sun, 20 Jun 2021 21:51:07 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/famous-escaped-pal-the-beefalo-adjusts-to-life-in-florida-nbc-connecticut/

A hybrid bison that roamed the Connecticut woods for months after escaping on its way to the slaughterhouse has adapted to life in a Florida wildlife sanctuary.

Buddy the beefalo “has completely integrated into the herd” and has not attempted to escape since the second day after arriving at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, the establishment. posted on facebook this month.

“There has to be something about being around happy, stress-free animals that makes him feel comfortable,” Critter Creek officials said. “We are delighted that Buddy’s story had such a happy ending.”

A beefalo affectionately named Buddy, who escaped from a slaughterhouse last fall and wandered around Plymouth for months, was captured on Wednesday and is now heading to a farm that will be his permanent home.

The 800-900-pound (360-410 kilogram) beefalo, a cross between a bison and domestic cattle, bolted on August 3, 2020, while loaded onto a truck at a meat processing plant in Plymouth, Connecticut.

Buddy’s adventures, including appearances on a police-installed animal camera, have attracted much attention during his eight months on the run.

Plymouth Police Captain Benecchi traveled to Gainesville, Florida to find Buddy the Beefalo after his recent move to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

Funds were raised to send Buddy to the Florida sanctuary, but when he first arrived he didn’t want to stay in his enclosure, sanctuary officials said. “In fact, he was so hesitant that in about two minutes he had jumped over the enclosure fence and entered the horse pasture,” they said on Facebook.

Buddy seems to have settled in, however. A recent video shows him happily eating hay with other cattle.

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This is the best local sandwich to try in every state – 24/7 Wall St. https://ohills-ag.org/this-is-the-best-local-sandwich-to-try-in-every-state-24-7-wall-st/ https://ohills-ag.org/this-is-the-best-local-sandwich-to-try-in-every-state-24-7-wall-st/#respond Sun, 20 Jun 2021 18:00:39 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/this-is-the-best-local-sandwich-to-try-in-every-state-24-7-wall-st/

Finding (and digging into) regional culinary delicacies across the country is one of the great joys of traveling, and among other great things to eat, every state is home to at least one local sandwich variant that’s definitely worth looking for. .

The great thing about sandwiches is that they can be made with almost anything: as long as it starts with bread, the world is your oyster – or maybe your oyster po’boy. . Want classic peanut butter and jelly? Dark. Fancy an old-fashioned grilled cheese or a turkey and Swiss? Pleasant. Or maybe you’d rather go big with a meatball sub? They are all delicious, and they are all among America’s Favorite Sandwiches.

Some sandwiches are inspired by the ethnic culinary heritage of a region; some are inspired by what is hunted, cultivated or fished locally; some are a ride on a local barbecue style; and some were simply invented in the state in question and have since become iconic.

24/7 Tempo identified the classic sandwich to try in each state and also recommended a sandwich shop or restaurant that serves a definitive version of it. Often this place is a restaurant, maybe one recommended in our list of the best restaurant in every state.

Click here to see the best local sandwich to try in each state

If you haven’t tried the definitive sandwich in your state yet, we suggest you research it. And if you’re a sandwich lover who’s planning to travel, you’ve got a whole new list of things to do.

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Travelers’ Championship taking place this week; West Hartford pays homage to MLK with mural https://ohills-ag.org/travelers-championship-taking-place-this-week-west-hartford-pays-homage-to-mlk-with-mural/ https://ohills-ag.org/travelers-championship-taking-place-this-week-west-hartford-pays-homage-to-mlk-with-mural/#respond Sun, 20 Jun 2021 14:00:00 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/travelers-championship-taking-place-this-week-west-hartford-pays-homage-to-mlk-with-mural/


Connecticut’s biggest sporting event will take place next week, and while the Travelers’ Championship is open to the public, it won’t be back to normal just yet.

We take you to TPC River Highlands for a preview of what to expect as the tournament allows fans for the first time since 2019.

A great moment for the country; President Joe Biden on Thursday signed a bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

It commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union soldiers announced freedom to enslaved blacks in Galveston, Texas, two months after Confederacy surrendered.

Most federal government employees have observed the new holiday on Friday, as June 19 falls on Saturday this year.

This is the first new federal holiday since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was enacted in 1983.

West Hartford honors Martin Luther King Jr. with new mural. Nationally renowned artist and own Corey Pane of West Hartford painted an extensive piece of art along the south side of the Noah Webster Library in Blue Back Square.

The mural was officially dedicated on Saturday during the June 17 celebration in the city and is part of a statewide initiative to paint 39 MLK murals in Connecticut. It is to mark each year that he lived. There are already over 30 murals in the state to date.

For this week’s Flashback, a landmark decision was made by the State Supreme Court regarding a prominent domain battle in New London.

Susette Kelo bought her first house; a cottage in the Fort Trumbull district of the city, only to lose it to a prominent estate.

New London took him and over a dozen other properties to build a development for Pfizer that was never built Kelo took his fight to the Supreme Court, but lost.

For this week’s # positivevibes8, we take a look at the Joseph Melillo Middle School yearbook in East Haven, where you’ll find a furry faculty member: Fiona the therapy dog.

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Week of 06/13/21: Vinography https://ohills-ag.org/week-of-06-13-21-vinography/ https://ohills-ag.org/week-of-06-13-21-vinography/#respond Sat, 19 Jun 2021 21:22:03 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/week-of-06-13-21-vinography/

Hello and welcome to my weekly dig through the pile of wine samples begging to be tasted. It is my pleasure to bring you the latest installment from Vinography Unboxed, where I highlight some of the best bottles that have come through my door recently.

This week included a number of fun wines.

Let’s start with something quite off the beaten track. Depending on your age and when you started drinking wine, you may have heard of Bulls Blood, also known in its native Hungarian as Egri bikaver. This blend of red grapes from Hungary’s Eger region had a brief moment of popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s when it became the cheap (and rather terrible) drink of choice for many. many people shopping on the bottom shelf the red mixture has a long history. Since around 2000, a wine renaissance in the Eger region has given rise to excellent versions of it, and in 2011 a white partner of Bikaver named Csillag emerged, also made with mostly local grapes. . The version I have to share this week is from a winery run by a brother-sister team from Gergö and Boglárka Böjt, and that’s excellent.

Since we’re in Hungry, let’s go ahead and talk a bit about the other Hungarian wine I’m sharing this week, because it’s a doozy. One of the coolest experiences I have as a wine lover is trying wines made from grapes that I have never heard of. It’s safe to say that most people around the world have never heard of the Fekete Járdovány grape. When I first saw it on this bottle, I thought it was someone’s name (as Fekete is a common surname in Hungary). But no, Fekete Járdovány is the name of a grape variety, and to the knowledge of the importer of this wine, it is the only wine in the world made from it. Considered a popular variety in southern pre-phylloxera Hungary, it has almost disappeared, without the efforts of the Hungarian Vine and Wine Research Institute. Attila Gere of the Gere vineyard became interested in the ancient varieties of the Carpathians in their nurseries and began to experiment with several, the most promising of which turned out to be Fekete Járdovány. If you want to try something really exotic and special, go find yourself a bottle of this spicy, lean and spicy light red.

Well, back on the white wine train for a moment, I have the last Chardonnay from Bibiana Gonzalez Rave’s Cattleya. Rave is a Colombian-born winemaker based in Sonoma County after having been trained in France and having worked the grape harvests all over the world. This Chardonnay is resolutely Californian, which will undoubtedly delight some drinkers.

Minus the tide is a relatively new wine brand started by three friends focused on wines made on the cold coast of Mendocino, and they’ve sent in some of their more recent wines, both admirable. Their Chenin Blanc is crisp and light, while their Carignan is truly appetizing.

Many Californian pinot noir connoisseurs have come across wines from the Terre Promissio vineyard, which sells fruit to brands such as Kosta Browne and Williams-Selyem. The latter is responsible for making me discover the vineyard. But the Karran family, in addition to selling their fruit, also has their own brand, known as Promised land from which they make their own wines, and I have two to share with you this week, both fragrant and apparently more ripe than their younger vintages would have you believe.

Last but not least this week, I have two vintages of Château Lassègue, the Grand Cru Saint-Emilion estate created in 2003 as part of the Jackson family wines portfolio, in large part thanks to the work of Pierre Seillan, who is the estate’s official winemaker, although his son Nicolas Seillan today has an important stake in both the winemaking and the management of the estate.

Notes on all of this and more below!

Tasting notes

2017 Böjt “Egri Csillag Superior” White Mix, Eger, Hungary
Light greenish gold in color, this wine smells of ripe apples and peaches. On the palate, the juicy flavors of apple, citrus and stone fruit are pleasant thanks to excellent acidity. Notes of pink grapefruit persist on the finish. Quite delicious and easy to drink. A blend of 50% olaszrizling, 32% sauvignon blanc, 10% Leányka and 8% yellow muscat aged briefly in oak barrels. – known article: an equivalent white assembly, called Csillag. 13% alcohol. Closed with a screw cap. Note: approximately 9. Cost: $ 22. click to buy.

2019 Cattleya “Cuvée Number Five” Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast, Sonoma, California
Light gold in color, this wine smells of tropical fruits and lemon cream. On the palate, tropical flavors of papaya, pineapple and lemon swirl in a silky textured flow through the palate. There is a touch of warmth on the finish. Decent acidity but definitely tips a bit more ripe than I would like. Luckily, it’s low on overt woody flavors, which means if you like rich, fruity CA Chardonnays, this is your ticket. 14.1% alcohol. Note: approximately 8.5. Cost: $ 60. click to buy.

2019 Minus Tide “Buddha’s Dharma Vineyard” Chenin Blanc, Mendocino County, California
Pale gold in the glass, this wine smells of lemon and poached pear with a hint of white flowers. On the palate, the wonderfully crisp lemon and pear flavors have a hint of grapefruit while the fantastic acidity keeps the mouth watering. Pleasant and spicy, with hints of citrus zest on the finish. 12.5% ​​alcohol. Closure with a technical cap (plastic). Note: approximately 9. Cost: $ 29.

2018 Minus Tide “Feliz Creek Vineyard” Carignan, Mendocino County, California
Medium to dark garnet in color, this wine gives off an aroma of blackberry, black cherry and cola. On the palate, the Boysen blackberry and cola flavors have a wonderfully bright sour cherry juiciness that is mouth-watering (think Purple SweetTart) with fantastic acidity. Delicious, with light tannins that haunt the edges of the mouth. 13.8% alcohol. Closure with a technical cap (plastic). Note: approximately 9. Cost: $ 30.

2018 Gere Fekete Járdovány, Villányi, Hungary
Medium ruby ​​in the glass with some bronze hues, this wine gives off an aroma of red apple skin, toasted nuts, juniper and thyme. On the palate, fine tannins wrap around a core of blackberry, blackberry and dried apple with distinctly tasty qualities. Dusty road notes, juniper berry and dried herbs linger in the finish which also has a hint of citrus. Very interesting. This is perhaps the only commercial bottling of this ancient Carpathian grape variety called Fekete Jardovany. It is aged for 10 months in oak barrels. 13.5% alcohol. Note: between 8.5 and 9. Cost: $ 28. click to buy.

2019 Walter Scott “Cuvée Ruth” Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Medium garnet with purple reflections in the glass, this wine smells of herbs, flowers and raspberries. On the palate, the raspberry and raspberry leaf flavors are vibrant with excellent acidity and sprinkled with fine tannins. Notes of citrus and dried flowers persist on the finish. Pretty. 13.5% alcohol. Note: approximately 9. Cost: $ 58. click to buy.

2017 Land of Promise “Deo Favente” Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, Sonoma, California
Light to medium ruby ​​in color, with a hint of orange, this wine smells of red apple skin and warm spices. On the palate, the lively flavors of raspberry, orange peel and dried herbs have a nice silky texture and light wispy tannins. Excellent acidity. It tastes like it’s older than it is – blind, I would have guessed a 5-10 year old Pinot. Whole Pinot Noir clone 777, picked early. 13.4% alcohol. Note: approximately 9. Cost: $ 75.

2017 Land of Promise “Patriae Fidelitas” Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, Sonoma, California
Light to medium ruby ​​in color, this wine has an aroma of orange peel and warm spices. On the palate, hot spices, orange peel, red apple skin, raspberry jam and cedar notes mingle with a beautiful luminosity thanks to a very good acidity. Tastes slightly older than I would expect, showing some secondary aromas which usually come with more time. The last plot harvested from the vineyard includes clones 97, 943 and Calera. 14.8% alcohol. Note: between 8.5 and 9. Cost: $ 75. click to buy.

2017 Château Lassègue Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Libournais, Bordeaux, France
Very dark garnet in color, this wine smells of black cherry and cassis with hints of dried herbs. On the palate, muscular, fine-grained tannins firmly capture flavors of black cherry, black pepper, pipe tobacco and a touch of espresso. Excellent acidity brings a certain freshness, with notes of dried herbs and dried fennel seeds lingering on the finish., 14% alcohol. Comes in a bottle a little heavier than necessary which weighs 1.6 kg full. Note: between 9 and 9.5. Cost: $ 58. click to buy.

2012 Château Lassègue Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Libournais, Bordeaux, France
Dark ruby ​​in the glass with a hint of garnet remaining, this wine smells of pencil shavings, cigar box and red berries. On the palate, velvety and suave, the powdery tannins delicately enclose flavors of cherry, pencil shavings, hot spices and dry earth. Wonderfully floral notes strike a fragrant tone above the wine’s tantalizing core. Excellent acidity and fluidity. 13.5% alcohol. Comes in a bottle a little heavier than necessary which weighs 1.6 kg full. Note: between 9 and 9.5. Cost: $ 40. click to buy.

2018 Amor Fati “Murmur Vineyard” Syrah, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara, California
Medium to dark garnet in color, this wine smells of black olives and blackberries. On the palate, the flavors of black olive and blackberry present a nice fruity-umami balance, with lingering herbal notes on the finish. Correct acidity (but I want more) and a bit of heat on the finish. I can’t argue with the flavors though. 14.6% alcohol. Slightly offensive heavy bottle, weighing 1.7 kg full. Note: approximately 8.5. Cost: $ 45. click to buy.

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WNBA Previews: Connecticut Sun Gets Another Chance at Chicago Sky https://ohills-ag.org/wnba-previews-connecticut-sun-gets-another-chance-at-chicago-sky/ https://ohills-ag.org/wnba-previews-connecticut-sun-gets-another-chance-at-chicago-sky/#respond Sat, 19 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000 https://ohills-ag.org/wnba-previews-connecticut-sun-gets-another-chance-at-chicago-sky/

The Connecticut Sun (8-4) will look to save that stretch where Jonquel Jones came out with a victory over the Chicago Sky (6-7) at 2 p.m. Saturday.

The Sun lost three games to the Seattle Storm, first and 1.5 games to the Las Vegas Aces, second due to their loss to Sky on Thursday. Meanwhile, Chicago is on a four-game slate and will look to improve to 6-0 with Candace Parker.

Elsewhere, the Dallas Wings (5-7) have lost two in a row and will seek to resume their ascending path against the Minnesota Lynx (5-6). Dallas has lost two in a row. The first loss was against the Aces, but the second against the Lynx was a bit disappointing. That being said, it would have been disappointing from the Lynx’s perspective to fall to 4-7 as they are still hoping to wrestle as well.

Also on Saturday, Indiana Fever broke their 1-13 record and hopes to beat the only team they’ve beaten this year: the Washington Mystics (5-6). Washington has stressed its desire to find consistency after what has been and the ups and downs of the season.

Game Info

Connecticut Sun (8-4) vs. Chicago Sky (6-7)

When: Saturday, June 19 at 2 p.m. ET

Or: Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois

How to watch: SCS

Match key: The numbers were pretty consistent in terms of turnovers, rebounds and field goal percentage in the game between those two on Thursday, but Sky won because Courtney Vandersloot managed to distribute 10 assists leading with five double-digit players. Jasmine Thomas led Connecticut with 20 points, so she brought the offense, but she’s also one of the best defensemen in the league. She and Briann January need to bring their trademark defense against Vandersloot and disrupt her if the Sun is to claim a victory without Jonquel Jones.

Sun Injury Report: Alyssa Thomas (off season; Achille), Jonquel Jones (off; FIBA)

Sky Injury Report: nothing

Indiana Fever (1-13) vs. Washington Mystics (5-6)

When: Saturday, June 19 at 7 p.m. ET

Or: Sports and entertainment arena in Washington, DC

How to watch: NBC Sports Washington or fever.wnba.com or NBA TV Canada

Match key: In the Fever’s win over the Mystics, all of their main offensive players except Jantel Lanvender who didn’t play scored eight points or more. Kelsey Mitchell, the team’s top scorer, had 18, Jessica Breland and Teaira McCowan both had 17, Danielle Robinson had 13, Victoria Vivians had 11 and Tiffany Mitchell had eight. So it took full teamwork. Indiana are the worst offensive team in the league at 74.4 points per game, so they can’t afford to knock out some players every now and then, most notably K. Mitchell. In the win over the Mystics, the fever also overtook Washington behind Breland and McCowan’s 10-rebound performances, which may be key again. For the Mystics, their last victory was a question of heart and effort and of course the talent of Ariel Atkins. They will have to keep their heart and effort as they will play again with limited depth.

Fever injury report: Bernadett Határ (probable; ankle)

Mystic Injury Report: Kiara Leslie (out; concussion), Myisha Hines-Allen (sort; knee), Erica McCall (sort; knee), Elena Delle Donne (sort; back)

Minnesota Lynx (5-6) vs. Dallas Wings (5-7)

When: Saturday, June 19 at 8 p.m. ET

Or: College Park Center in Arlington, TX

How to watch: BSSW + or Bally Sports North + or TSN

Match key: The Wings need more of an inside presence in this game. They were passed by the Lynx on Thursday and lost the battle for field goal percentage from 48.5% to 34.7%. It’s tough when you go up against Sylvia Fowles and no one can match her. Fowles had 14 points and 12 rebounds on Thursday. The teams were almost exactly tied beyond the arc, so making more two-pointers will be key for the Wings. Minnesota should look to keep Kayla McBride involved as they’re a much more dangerous team when they round out Fowles and Napheesa Collier.

Lynx injury report: Natalie Achonwa (exit; knee), Rennia Davis (exit season; foot), Aerial Powers (exit; inch), Jessica Shepard (exit; groin)

Wing injury report: nothing

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