Google Report: Tracking how the state collapsed last month during Omicron | Hartford Hospital

January 20, 2022

Sometimes masks and social distancing aren’t enough. Sometimes, to avoid the risk of COVID-19, people avoid public places and spend more time at home.

A new report on community mobility from Google, published on January 19, reveals that Connecticut residents took fewer risks in public spaces last month, with a substantial decrease in traffic to grocery stores and pharmacies, restaurants and shopping centers. Workplace visits have also dropped dramatically from pre-COVID levels and even from the previous month. Visits to parks also showed a decline, although this was likely weather-related.

“We’re dealing with the pandemic right now, but we haven’t won the war yet,” Dr. Ajay Kumar, clinical director of Hartford HealthCare, said at a Jan. 20 press conference. “We have a long way to go. This is the time when we all think about how we reduce loss of life and suffering.

The Community Mobility Report, prepared for public health officials, uses information from Google Maps and other sources to track movement. Google uses as a pre-COVID benchmark the median value for the five-week period from January 3 to February 6, 2020.

Here are the latest statewide results, followed by numbers from early December when Omicron arrived in Connecticut:

Google Mobility results for Connecticut as of January 17

  • Residential: up 18%.
  • Workplace: down 50%.
  • Transit stations: down 46%.
  • Parks: decrease of 33%.
  • Grocery and pharmacy: decrease of 18%.
  • Retail and Leisure (includes restaurants, malls, theme parks, libraries and movie theaters): down 25%.

Google Mobility results for Connecticut as of December 6

  • Residential: up 6%.
  • Workplace: down 20%.
  • Transit stations: down 24%.
  • Parks: decrease of 5%.
  • Grocery and pharmacy: up to 5%.
  • Retail and Leisure (includes restaurants, malls, theme parks, libraries and movie theaters): down 5%.

Here are the county-by-county results from the latest report:

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