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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The worst of the storm is behind us and now the cleanup is underway.

Tropical Storm Henri brought hours of heavy rain and numerous floods.

Governor Ned Lamont said it would take a few days to restore power and drain some of the water.

The worst of the storm is over, but now the cleanup is underway.

Power outages caused by the storm in Connecticut reached about 30,000, but Rhode Island was much worse with 70,000 outages.

Lamont said the utilities were right this time around.

Eversource was fined for how it handled Tropical Storm Isaias last year. State regulators say it may have helped.

“I called Eversource right away because I thought the faster the better,” said Deb Sokolski of Waterford.

As soon as she heard a pop on Sunday morning, Deb lost power. His entire neighborhood in Waterford had no electricity.

During Isaias last year, she was without power for three weeks. This time around, Eversource says it brought in 4,000 crews from all over.

“A lot of people came from all over the region. It was better to be too prepared than not enough. I would like to say, a little credit where credit is due, Marissa and our team put some pressure on the utilities to get it right this time around, and I would like to think we did a lot better ”, Lamont said.

“I want to salute the 9,300 Eversource employees who came here for this storm. Last night we hosted 6,000 people in Connecticut. We fed 10,000 people today. This morning I had lunch with Mississippi and Ohio teams, ”Eversource Joe Nolan noted.

Governor Ned Lamont provided an update on the state’s response to the storm on Sunday night.

Eversource says he dodged a major storm. The utility company paid a price for the way it treated Isaias.

State regulators slapped them with a $ 29 million fine. The new legislation also gives regulators more tools for accountability and performance.

“We haven’t heard from any of the widespread communication issues reported last year, so I think it’s really thanks to the legislature and the governor for their leadership on this topic,” added PURA President Marissa Gillette. .

The biggest damage to trees is in the eastern part of the state, but flooding was a problem everywhere and will continue to be.

Connecticut is still going to receive at least an inch or more of rain and that will make matters worse. The ground is already saturated from all the rains the state has received this summer.

As for the power outages, most are expected to be restored late Monday night.

Connecticut has also declared a state of emergency with FEMA and will be eligible for assistance.

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