Great catch: Catfish caught in Connecticut breaks state, possibly world record

A white catfish caught in Connecticut last month broke a state record and could also be a world record for the species – although the evidence has been eaten.

Ben Tomkunas, 25, caught the 21.3 pound (9.66 kilogram) fish late that night in Coventry on August 21. He was over 3 feet (about a meter) tall.

Connecticut Fish and Wildlife confirmed in a Facebook post that the catch was a white catfish and easily broke the previous state record for the species of 12.7 pounds (5.76 kilograms).

“We were just sitting and drinking a few beers and the next thing you know my reel just starts screaming like I have a 30-pound striper there,” Tomkunas, from Coventry, told the Hartford Courant.

Tomkunas’ friend Chris Braga had a digital scale and took a photo of the fish arriving at the record weight.

The International Game Fish Association set the world record for a white catfish catch of 19.3 pounds (8.75 kilograms) for a fish caught in 2005 in California.

Tomkunas said he intended to submit a request to the association to secure the new world record. But he also told the newspaper that he gave the fish to his grandfather the next morning.

“It kind of got eaten up,” he said.

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