Hartford Camera Store keeps old school but thrives as it embraces the modern digital age


We all have so many photos on our phones, but do you print them?

Previously, we had to take pictures with film and have them developed at the camera store. We found a local father and son store in Hartford that still does things the old fashioned way, but thrives as it embraces the modern digital age.

The store has been around since Eisenhower was president and the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. The state-of-the-art photography store decorated with remnants of its past is run by Richard and Aaron Goldenthal.

Hear the whole story in the video above.


News from last week that Mark Boughton was endorsing Governor Ned Lamont upon re-election inspired today’s flashback.

Three years ago this month, Boughton was chosen by state Republicans to be their gubernatorial candidate with State Senator Joe Markley as the running mate.

Also in May 2018, Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz struck a deal to create what would become a winning ticket and work together.


North Haven Animal Shelter Receives a Generous Donation!

The Wiederhold Foundation – an organization that protects and improves animal welfare – is giving the no-kill shelter a grant to purchase several back-up generators to protect pets during power outages.

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