Hartford executives warn of late night, weekend crowds and street parties – NBC Connecticut

This is not a new problem, but the good weather makes it start again.

Cars take over and people party in the Wethersfield and Franklin Avenue neighborhoods in Hartford at night on weekends.

Neighbors and city leaders fear it will happen again this weekend and want to find ways to end it.

“They texted me at 11 o’clock. They call me at 1 a.m. They send me videos of all the disturbing things, ”said Hartford City Council President Maly Rosado, who has heard many complaints from voters.

Rosado held a virtual meeting with police, community leaders, locals and business owners on Friday afternoon about the lingering problem on weekend nights.

“If you have someone who’s having a heart attack. A fire. our public safety trucks can’t even get there, ”she said.

She wants the community to come together to help find ways to end the problem. So far, the council has amended an ordinance on food trucks in the hopes that this could have an impact as well.

“The residents are tired and our police force is exhausted. They work 24 hours a day.

Hartford Police and Mayor Luke Bronin say many attendees are not from Hartford.

“We’re going to make it as inconvenient and difficult as possible to do this stuff in our city,” Bronin said.

“One of the strategies we use is to close some of the ramps. State Police are helping with that, ”said Chief Jason Thody, who says the problem has only worsened with the pandemic and is heating up again.

The ministry says it has increased the presence of officers in the region. State police have helped block exits and he says the Department of Motor Vehicles also reports vehicle offenses.

“We definitely have an increased presence in and around this corridor of Wethersfield Avenue and Franklin Avenue to make sure the neighborhoods are livable, so people can sleep at night, so people can go to school. church in the morning. These are all resident concerns that we have had over the years, ”said Thody.

“We’re going to make it as inconvenient and difficult as possible to do this stuff in our city,” Bronin said.

NBC Connecticut has spoken to some residents who think this holiday is a problem.

Others say it’s better than participating in something more dangerous, like the deadly shootings we’ve seen in recent days.

“It’s a lot of young people. Some people like maybe in their forties, you know. It is so dangerous. I don’t think they should have parties outside. Who am I to judge, but it’s just dangerous, ”said Martha Cupe, who lives in the area.

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