Hartford landlords and tenants affected as Supreme Court allows evictions to resume

HARTFORD, Connecticut (WTNH) – It has been more than a year since the government banned evictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now the Supreme Court has ruled that homeowners can start the process on people who don’t pay.

Hartford owners say it’s kind of a relief and a burden on their shoulders for the system to kick in. However, the owners don’t think there will be a lot of evictions except for those who play with the system.

“The owner doesn’t want to evict, he never wants to evict. It’s the last possible thing an owner wants to do, ”said Rick Bush of R&M Property Management Solutions in West Hartford.

Bush owns and manages properties and is part of the Connecticut Coalition of Property Owners. The past year has been very difficult as many of its tenants simply cannot pay their rent.

“It takes three months, costs thousands of dollars, you lose the rent, they ransack the place and you have to clean it up along the way, so the average eviction costs the average landlord over $ 10,000.”

Bush says the right tenants and the right landlords will work together to keep people in their homes.

“Currently, there is a Unite CT program that allows people to be reimbursed for their rent and future rent for up to three months for a maximum of $ 15,000.”

A woman who did not want to be identified said that the last year has been very difficult but that the government, especially the Unite CT program, has helped.

“This is the first time that he [has] pass. I lived where I lived for 25 years and I was never late, ”she said. “Half of my neighborhood, many were professionals whose work[s] [were] faded away. Traders who didn’t want to go to work, who couldn’t go to work because they had children and were afraid to go.

Bush is happy that the deportation process is available and that the courts are open. While the wait can be long, it will at least give homeowners a way to get people who abuse the system out.

“Right away, as soon as the moratorium on evictions was announced by the governor, we had people calling us and saying ‘Hey, I heard I didn’t have to pay rent. . ‘ And we’re like, “no, you don’t, you still have to pay rent”. They’re like ‘no that’s not what the governor said’, and even though that wasn’t the intention of what he said, that’s what people heard, ”a Bush said.

If you risk being deported, you can still apply for state and federal aid.

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