Hundreds take part in New Britain’s 30th Great American Boom – NBC Connecticut

For 30 years, the Great American Boom fireworks display has been a big hit in the New Britain town.

Last year, just over 700 people pre-registered for the event at Willow Brook Park and celebrated in the new normal.

Tony Wilson, who goes there every year, said: “You can get out of your car, but you don’t walk everywhere. You can just stay right next to your car.

Hundreds of spectators were seen sitting outside and on top of their cars enjoying the 25-minute spectacle.

“The governor is coming so it’s going to be quite an event,” said Matt Scoffield, Willow Brook park’s recreation services coordinator.

By noon Monday, there were about 50 tickets left as people sporadically picked up their $10 parking signs throughout the day.

This year, 1,000 tickets were up for grabs. The ticket office closed at 2 p.m., which means no ticket, no entry.

“The whole perimeter of the park is going to be pretty well cordoned off with New Britain Police so if they know of a neighbor near Willow Brook Park they can park in their driveway, that might be an alternative,” said Scoffield.

Samir Wakilzada was excited when he collected two parking tickets for his family. He never misses a show.

“It’s amazing to be able to spend time with family and see the crowd again,” he said.

For viewer Janeen Sampson, if you’ve seen fireworks, you’ve seen them all.

But this July 4, she pre-registered for the event for a very specific reason.

“My boyfriend passed away last month and he was from New Britain and he was always talking about fireworks. So tonight I’m going to fill the car with my kids and we’re going to come and watch the fireworks tonight to honor him,” she said.

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