LETTER: Time to bring Connecticut charm back to Enfield

ENFIELD, CT – I’m currently 19 and like many who left Enfield and left Connecticut after graduating from high school, I left because I perceived my hometown as lacking in opportunities. and dynamism, and that I had a slight distaste for the weather. I set off for the warm and sunny Southern California coast to experience breathtaking geography, pristine weather, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Although lately I’ve been thinking about what makes Connecticut special and what so many people take for granted when we go elsewhere.

Our sense of community, the charming quaint town centers that look quaint to a Hallmark movie or a Norman Rockwell painting. The synthesis of small towns with urban amenities and sophisticated interests. The idea of ​​going down to a shoreline and not letting it overrun with tourists or traffic, which most other coastal towns can’t imagine, but we can. More importantly, the strength of the small businesses here, the rejection in most of the state’s big box stores. These are not values ​​and qualities that we see exemplified in most other states.

This is why in November it is so important to fight to elect officials who wish to preserve, protect and advance this charm. I hear so many stories from family members about what a small business was like in the village of Thompsonville or the family restaurant that adorned its streets. Today, it remains largely lifeless compared to the briskness of the harsh December winters of the 1960s. We see our city largely dominated by big box stores, chain restaurants, and overgrown and overgrown infrastructure. not maintained. Still, we don’t see our council fighting to make a difference, so it’s time to elect people who do and give that breath of fresh air to bring change and charm to my hometown. Enfield deserves to regain its charm, over the past decades we have seen the charm fade as Council takes a largely rearward approach to development in our city and business witnesses the departure and our city center remains. without life. It is so important that we eliminate those who are not looking to instill change in our community. It’s time to elect public servants who have the energy, ambition, passion, commitment and open-mindedness to make a difference and restore the charm to Enfield and not just vote on the podium so that people like me will want to go back to a city that we want to stay and be a part of.

Zachary P. Zannoni

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