Man who illegally shot trophy moose loses hunting privileges

HELEN, Mont. (AP) – A Montana man has lost his lifetime hunting and trapping privileges in 47 states for illegally killing a trophy moose, taking the antlers and leaving the meat wasted, state wildlife officials said. .

Shiloh Berry, 41, was sentenced in Broadwater County District Court on Friday after pleading guilty last fall to unlawful possession of game, hunting without a license and wasting game in the 2019 murder, the Ministry of Fisheries, Wildlife and Parks announced on Tuesday. .

Berry was fined $6,100 and ordered to pay $6,000 in restitution for taking a trophy animal. The lifetime loss of hunting and trapping privileges applies to the 47 states that participate in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

A five-year prison sentence was suspended and Berry lost her fishing privileges for three years.

Under Montana law, killing a moose whose antlers are at least 30 inches (76 centimeters) in total width constitutes the killing of a trophy animal and restitution is $6,000, down from $1,000. $ for killing a non-trophy moose. The moose Berry killed had an antler width of 56 inches (142 centimeters) and would have been considered one of the 300 largest bull moose captured in Montana, FWP said.

Game wardens received a tip over the phone in November 2019 after someone found a moose carcass with its head severed in an area about 17 miles (27 kilometers) east of Townsend. Investigators found distinctive tire tracks and boot prints at the site, the agency said in a statement.

In April 2020, custodians received a tip that Berry had moose antlers which he claimed to have found in the area where the moose was killed. A search of Berry’s residence revealed the antlers as well as boots and tires that matched the tracks at the kill site, FWP said.

When rangers questioned Berry, he admitted to killing the moose, the agency said.

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