More veterans and elected official groups pledge to support Anaheim Hills cemetery site – Orange County Register

Hoping to gain traction by offering a veterans cemetery on Orange County land in Anaheim Hills, supporters have more than 20 veterans groups and 12 local, state and federal elected officials. Attracted by their goal.

Discussions about the state’s official cemetery to honor Orange County veterans have been ongoing since at least 2014, but this month could be pivotal.

In Irvine, where estimates of the cost of developing the two plots were released about two weeks ago, disagreements over which of the two possible locations to choose and the threat of lawsuits are hampering progress.

The Orange County Veterans Alliance (or VALOR) announced on Monday, June 21, more than 12 foreign veterans positions, seven American Legion chapters and Anaheim Mayor Harry Sid, County overseer Don Wagner. Officials announced, including Andrew Do and Katrina Foley. And Santa Ana Parliamentarian Lucolea is currently supporting efforts to build a cemetery on the Gypsam Canyon County land in Anaheim, at the intersection of Freeways 91 and Toll Roads 241.

The Orange County Cemetery District is already planning to build a public cemetery on more than 200 acres of land, opening up space for another veteran’s cemetery.

The site quickly agreed to apply for federal funding this year and to receive a last-minute funding request in front of Governor Gavin Newsom before the state’s 2021-22 budget was finalized (both deadlines July 1). Must be done.

VALOR chairman Nick Berardino said Monday his group had “incredible support” for the Anaheim Hills site from the veterans they approached.

He said he was confident that authorities in the Irvine site town would be involved in the controversy and proceedings and postpone the project indefinitely, regardless of which one they chose. “Please don’t be shy for the moment, and let’s pursue this possibility. “

Bill Cook, chairman of the Orange County Veterans Memorial Park Foundation, said the myriad of groups and officials whose support was announced on Monday said the Foundation and Baller did not broadly represent the views of local veterans. He said it should help calm him down.

“The majority of Orange County veterans are looking for a regional approach to the cemetery and can say with 100% confidence that they are tired of being hit by Irvine,” Cook said. ..

Meanwhile, Irvine officials will discuss recent state investigations and cost estimates on Tuesday, as well as steps Congress needs to take to continue the project at one of the city’s two sites.

Irvine City Council member Anthony Kuo said he would focus on payment methods at the cemetery. Especially after hearing that state veterans officials expect some of the money to come from local sources. Federal funding could repay up to $ 10 million, with around $ 24.5 million in state funding earmarked for the project, but still leaving a gap of tens of millions of dollars at any site ( official). No prediction. Anaheim Hills cemeteries are expensive).

“I’m going to contact an outside agency, including the county and other lawmakers, and ask them to say, ‘Hey, this is a financial shortage, is there a way to fund this? “CalVet told me the rest of the assignment was funded by the locals,” Kuo said.

He said supporters of the cemetery were exploring the Anaheim Hills site well, but development at the Irvine site could take significantly longer, as it has yet to be investigated.

Two Irvine state legislatures, Senator Davemin and Steven Choi, who voted for Irvine’s first proposal for mayor in 2014, to explain the turmoil, possibly related to the issue. I went down from the side.

Mr Min said he was concerned that OC lawmakers might not be able to queue the cemetery project to increase state funding for this year’s fiscal year.

There is also opposition from the residents of Irvine who do not want to live near the cemetery, but Min must investigate the Anaheim site and says it is not clear if all city officials are on. the same wavelength. It was.

“Kicking a box on Anaheim Road only kills the project,” he said.

Choi opposes it. After visiting the Anaheim Hills site and noticing that it was calm and secluded, he began to move support to the Anaheim Hills site. He said he realized that community concerns continued to plague the project, as the two Irvine sites were largely surrounded by homes and schools.

“It’s not really taken care of because of the environment we’re in,” Choi said at both locations in Irvine.

Irvine City Council will meet at 1 Civic Center Plaza on Tuesday, June 22 at 4 p.m. Meeting Live broadcast On the city site.

More veterans and elected officials’ groups pledge to support Anaheim Hills cemetery site – Orange County Register More veterans and elected official groups pledge to support Anaheim Hills cemetery site – Orange County Register

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