Rex Orange County brings energy to Forest Hills Stadium

Light drizzle couldn’t stop thousands of fans from going absolutely bonkers over Rex Orange County at a packed Forest Hills stadium on Saturday, May 14. season summer 22. Rex Orange County is known for effortlessly blending the sounds of jazz, hip hop and pop into his music.

Rex Orange County started making waves in the industry after landing several feature films on Tyler, creator Flower Boy’s Grammy-nominated album in 2017. His latest effort, WHO CARES?, is his fourth studio album recently. released on March 11 this year. . WE DO NOT CARE? debuted strongly at number 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The singer’s album is a collaboration with Dutch musician Benny Sings, and also has contributions from Tyler, the creator.

Phony Ppl opened for Rex Orange County and set the tone for the rest of the show. The band performed “helGa,” a nostalgic tribute to Nickelodeon’s fan-favorite cartoon, Hey Arnold!. The song was not lost on Generation Z, as they enjoyed the catchy performance by Elbee Thrie and his band. Phony Ppl made an active effort to check on spectators who needed hydration.

When it was time to hit the stage, Rex Orange County immediately had his young fans eating out of the palm of his hands. There was no denying that the singer’s strong bond with the crowd was unmistakable. Reminiscent of the mania surrounding Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers, Rex Orange County had the cool factor to match his confident swagger while he performed. Midway through her set, fans whipped out their phones and turned on their flashlights, swaying like bouncing fireflies through the night. This created a stunning visual at the stadium.

Concert highlights included Rex Orange County delivering a knockout performance of “4 Seasons” and impressively playing the piano while singing the emotional ballad “Happiness.”

Photos courtesy of Kyle Stevens

Rex Orange County played at Forest Hills Stadium on Saturday May 14.

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