Rising gas prices a concern for delivery companies – NBC Connecticut

Higher costs at the gas pump are impacting everyone, including delivery companies.

Since the start of the pandemic, takeout and delivery have become the go-to business model for E&D Pizza Company in Avon.

But as gasoline prices continue to rise, it’s impacting the bottom line of many companies.

“Gasoline prices have created an interesting challenge. It’s a trickle down effect. Right now the immediate impact we’re seeing is that suppliers are raising their prices to wholesalers who then raise their prices to us,” said Michael Androw, owner of E&D Pizza Company.

Add to that the price of gas that the pizza company has to pay to deliver the pie.

Andrew says his absolute last resort is to raise prices for customers.

“In the meantime, we’re keeping our fingers crossed hoping that we won’t see $7-a-gallon gasoline because of this moment when things become unavoidable.”

The Arrow Pharmacy in Hartford prides itself on its free delivery to customers.

“Not many people have transportation or rely on public transportation, and we have a lot of elderly patients, a lot of disabled patients, so they rely on our delivery services,” said pharmacy manager Dave Flaherty.

As the price per gallon goes up, Flaherty says it’s not currently affecting their service, but they’re making sure to streamline it as best they can, like delivering someone’s many prescriptions all at once, instead of multiple trips.

“Drivers are also coordinating their routes based on the most efficient route. That’s about all we can do right now to streamline the process,” Flaherty said.

Meanwhile, state leaders are encouraging people to keep an eye out for possible gasoline price measures.

“I suspect a lot of gas stations are paying more than they normally would for gasoline. That’s probably easy to guess and probably true, but that doesn’t mean we’re not watching them like a hawk. We are. And we hold them accountable,” Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said.

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