Road safety measures sought on Connecticut Avenue in Montgomery Co. – NBC4 Washington

Safety changes are being requested along Connecticut Avenue in Montgomery County, where a 72-year-old woman died from injuries sustained in an accident on Tuesday.

Michaele Belford had just left the house and was a passenger in an SUV when he collided with a pickup truck at the intersection of Connecticut and Franklin Street in Kensington, causing the SUV to overturn. The accident is still under investigation.

Belford’s family backs up a speed camera at the intersection to slow down drivers.

The death occurred near where National Military Medical Center radiologist Walter Reed, Dr Grant Bonavia, was struck and seriously injured two years ago.

“When something like that happens, when someone actually has a really bad accident like that, you kind of relive the whole process and everything that you went through,” he said.

He was standing on the sidewalk of Connecticut Avenue and Saul Road when a van pulled up onto the sidewalk, pinning him down. He has since recovered.

According to Maryland Del. Emily Shetty (D-Montgomery County), several things are happening to improve safety.

  • The traffic light schedule on Connecticut Avenue has been changed to slow traffic.
  • An effort is underway to have a speed camera installed near the intersection where the death occurred.
  • The intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Saul Road is being redeveloped – construction is slated for spring.
  • And a corridor safety study could be completed by the end of the year.

Bonavia said he supports efforts to improve safety, including adding a dedicated left turn signal at the intersection where he was injured, but drivers must obey the speed limit.

“Hitting someone and destroying their life for two years or potentially forever, you should think about it every time you get in your car,” he said. “I’m doing it now.”

Shetty said local lawmakers will push the highway administration to implement all of the safety improvements recommended in the safety study.

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