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From there, they add a whole lobster meat, coated Connecticut in clarified butter and topped with a few chopped green onions and a side of tarragon aioli – a brilliant move that lets you add to it. that creamy factor at your own discretion without it turns into a glorified shellfish version of a chicken salad sandwich.

When all the elements are together, Acadia is utterly majestic. Lobster? Absolutely succulent, a star of the show, its natural sweetness dances effortlessly with the salty taste of butter, while the brioche, chopped green onions and tarragon aioli add subtle bursts of texture and taste, setting it apart. greatly from any other lobster roll. maybe tried.

Wigo wasn’t crazy to say it was the best sandwich he had ever eaten. It’s definitely up there for me too.

Kahuna tuna: While nothing can beat Acadia, Kahuna Tuna has been another solid hit for the Water Dog line of sandwiches. Sushi-grade pan-seared yellowfin tuna is topped with bacon, tomato and arugula and served on a brioche bun with Thai chili sauce.

Again, it’s the little details that take things to the next level. While this is essentially a dressed BLT with a tuna steak on top, the sparkle is in the niceties. Replacing the always tasteless iceberg lettuce with arugula offers a change in texture and brings a crisp, peppery flavor to the table that no head of lettuce can match. The Thai chili sauce was a nice touch, adding sweetness and heat, but I could have used a little more. The tuna itself was perfectly seared in a delicious medium rare, boasting a meaty, almost beef-like texture, with its mild flavor playing the perfect counterbalance to the smoky daring of bacon. And just for fun, they added some spicy pickles on the side, which was an addicting and totally unexpected bonus.

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