Sherman’s Taphouse in Southington closes – NBC Connecticut

A Connecticut restaurant owner said he was facing a harsh reality after closing three restaurants in the past few years.

Sherman’s Taphouse in Southington was the last in Sean Sherman’s chain of restaurants to close for various reasons.

“‘There’s a lot of disappointment because as a small business owner you put a lot of heart and soul into it,'” Sherman said.

The standout black brick restaurant on Center Street served its last meal on Sunday. It was only open a few years before facing challenges such as inflation and the search for workers.

“It’s not necessarily hard to get people in, but it’s hard to find people who want to do the job,” Sherman said. “You try to adjust your prices, but from the restaurant’s point of view and from the customer’s point of view, we cannot adjust it.”

Having already closed other Sherman’s Taphouse establishments in Derby and Burlington, he was trying to keep this one afloat.

“I floated the majority of the restaurant, and the other restaurant when it was still open, out of personal funds when we ran out of stuff, which was most weeks,” Sherman said.

Center Street in Southington is home to favorites like Anthony Jack’s and Fireside that have been around for years. Many were hoping to add another hot spot to the list.

“It’s sad that it’s people’s livelihood, isn’t it?” Southington resident Kathy Rudzki said. “With the pandemic, with inflation, with everything, it’s really sad.”

“Wherever you live is where you should be participating, you should be doing business there,” said Southington resident Anita Disantis.

But with this ending, Sherman envisions a fresh start.

“I love the place, I love the community. Center Street is a great place,” Sherman said.

At the moment he has no job in sight, but he hopes the town of Southington will support him in the future.

He said he was talking to a potential investor to reopen Sherman’s Taphouse. If all goes well, it hopes to reopen in the fall.

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