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CANTON, CT (WFSB) – Making things happen is what the Little Oak Café in Canton is all about.

Chef David Borselle had to close a restaurant, Park & ​​Oak in West Hartford, because of the pandemic, but he always knew his return was coming.

“I was sure of what I could do as a chef,” Borselle said. “The only leap of faith was how can I get them food when they don’t want to leave their house.”

Borselle designed Little Oak Café with versatility in mind.

The restaurant offers an extensive take-out menu including lasagna and chicken parmesan that customers can take out of the fridge and take away.

“People can pick up. So if people eat breakfast or lunch, they also eat dinner,” Borselle said.

Dine in customers are also for a treat. Borselle describes its breakfast and lunch menus as American comfort food.

A favorite is his spectacular veggie omelet, “Super Fresh Ingredients. Good eggs, good vegetables… The right seasoning.

Also try the breakfast power bowl.

It includes farm-fresh eggs with quinoa, tomatoes, avocado, and pesto mayonnaise.

Panini DB, tons of turkey relish, cheddar, bacon and red pepper.

Regulars say Little Oak Café is a game-changer.

Randolph Riley, a regular, said: “Exactly, I had a place where I could walk to get my coffee, have breakfast, they have great pizza.”


The wood fired pizza is also amazing.

Borselle says that so far his comeback story is going incredibly well thanks to Canton and the surrounding community.

He said he was glad he never lost faith: “People still have to eat. No matter what happens.

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