The best wines for Christmas, from champagne to English sparkling wine


As Christmas approaches, I sipped – with enthusiasm – an individual mission to find the best wines to bring joy to your palate.

Taking advantage of over a dozen countries, this list of 25 (plus one more for the road) should be enough to go with you throughout the season – you might even think of it as a sort of schedule for the season. Advent. Merry Christmas.

Pop the party

Prosecco Rose Fox Pale

Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut

Offering old world character with a Brazilian soul, this enchanting, lotus-cookie scent and no-fuss chardonnay is inspired by the vineyards of the Vale dos Vinhedos, Serra Gaucha region of Brazil, which dates back to the 1870s.

Chances are, the Sauvignon Blancs still from Cloudy Bay may have passed your lips in the past. From the same Marlborough landscape comes a skillful bubbly, floating with mango aromas and easily evaporated in a social explosion.

Christophe Lindenlaub In Freedom

This naturally fermented grapefruit and yuzu “Pét-Nat” pinot gris has such a trendy and funk style that it may be surprising to learn it sounds from a 200 year old man. Alsatian producer.

This rosé (3) peppered with Pinot Noir is the work of Londoners Mark Hill and Harry Cooke, who wanted to shape the most complex Prosecco in the world from grapes from the Valle delle Volpi (Valley of the Foxes) advantageous and rich in Vento iron.

Frerejean Frères Blanc de Blancs

Frerejean Frères was created in 2005 by the three great-grandchildren of Pierre-Charles Taittinger, the founder of the famous Champagne house. This independent and autonomous house has conquered the heart of the wine trade with opulent wines such as this apricot-flavored Blanc de Blancs woven from the cream of the Chardonnay harvest.

Drinking bottles

Selfridges Bubling Malbec Selection

Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante

While Portugal might not be the first on your mind for sparkling, this slightly sparkling Frisante from the house of Vinho Verde is vibrant and uplifting enough to challenge many Prosecco’s, especially at a very affordable price.

Selfridges Selection Bubling Malbec Rosé

Offering a different take on a grape variety more often associated with charcoal embers, this characterful Argentinian sparkler (2) is a real topic of discussion, evoking the pleasure of biting into a bright cherry.

Miguel Torres Estelado Rosé

One of Chile’s oldest grape varieties, País has been largely ousted by more fashionable international grape varieties in recent times, which is unfortunate given that it can produce wines that are crunchy and fragrant with fruit jelly. , like this indulgent bottle from the illustrious Torres dynasty (7).

Crémant Rosé Domaine Collin Cuvée Prestige

Legend has it that the monk Dom Pérignon learned to make sparkling wines in an abbey in Limoux, homeland of this Crémant, before applying his knowledge in Champagne. This friendly rosé with the scent of wild strawberries is produced by Philippe Collin, son of a Champagne winegrower.

Klein Constantia Classic Cap

From Klein Constantia, the makers of the sacred sweet wine Vin de Constance – which would be appreciated by the Tsars and Napoleon – comes a lime-green and queen-green scented sparkling well above its price.

What to drink on Christmas day

Von Bühl

Ceretto Moscato d’Asti ’20

At just 5.5%, this is an enticing breakfast wine (6) with which to start the day’s festivities. Softly effervescent, the still slightly sweet Moscato evokes the dewy taste of grapes just picked, just pressed and soaked in sunshine.

A bottle with “sekt” charm, that’s how the Germans describe the sparkling wines of Das Land der Dichter und Denker – “the land of poets and thinkers” – and, I should add, drinkers. Made from the lesser-known Pinot Blanc grape as well as Chardonnay, this citrus and peach scented sparkling wine has more than enough freshness to pair with the smokiest of salted salmon.

Benjamin Bridge Brut Reserve ’11

Geese and turkeys abound in Nova Scotia. Whether you go for a multi-bird orgy like roast on Christmas Day or prefer a loaf of nuts and lentils, this balanced, almond-scented wine will weave through the richest and hottest sauces on sprouts. . It has gained in effervescence and complexity in a decade while keeping the freshness born of its maritime origin.

Sparkling Shiraz Bleasdale

From one of Australia’s oldest family vineyards, an idiosyncratic inky red, generously landscaped and passionately sparkling (8). Reminiscent of a dark chocolate and vanilla fondant, this is one of Australia’s sweetest exports and could easily replace Port alongside the bluest, more oozing cheeses.

Exton Park RB28 Blanc de Noirs

Toast the peaks and valleys of Her Majesty’s speech with a taste of England scented with blueberries from the Hampshire hills expertly performed by a colorful French winemaker. Made entirely from clear red grape juice, expect a bit of race and tension, tension being something families gathered after a long hiatus can now feel at this point of the day.

Something special

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame x Yayoi Kusama 2012

While the name reads like an Irish license plate, pure Bollinger Pinot Noir (PN) from the terroir of Verzenay (VZ), the 2016 harvest is extremely impressive – simple descriptions do not do justice to the complexity and the harmony of this wine.

Billecart-Salmon Box Carafe Brut Sous Bois

Exceptionally entirely vinified in wood, the beautiful Brut Sous Bois is one of the most daring styles of Champagne, which flourishes when it meets oxygen, hence the beautiful carafe that accompanies it. Gently pour in the wine to bring out the custard and cigar box notes.

Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga Limited Edition 2010

Another limited edition, intriguingly adorned by two of the world’s most inventive personalities: Lady Gaga and Fashion Director and Editor-in-Chief Nicola Formichetti. The 2010 vintage of Dom Pérignon offers melon, orange zest and just a hint of a struck match.

Leclerc Briant Abyss Brut Zero ’15

Aged in the cool, dark waters below Brittany’s Stiff Bay for a year, this meaty champagne with the scent of pomelo, plum and pineapple has only a slight hint of salt. It is organic, biodynamic and “bioenergetic”, according to its moving manufacturer, Hervé Jestin, who refuses to let journalists approach its barrels for fear that their negative energy will impact the liquid it contains.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame x Yayoi Kusama 2012

This often admired edition of The Widow (4) features the iconic polka dot pattern by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. The content is also bewitching and bewitching, ranging from jasmine to frangipane.

Save it for New Years Eve

Doe eyed rose

José Pizarro Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2016

The chef-restaurateur known as the British godfather of Spanish cuisine loves wine, hence his pilgrimages to the Feria de Jerez. Available through its mini empire restaurant and online, Pizarro’s selection is a well-aged, lightly oaked cava with no added sugar and comes from 140-year-old producer Gramona. Say if.

Domaine Carneros Brut 2016

Another nod to the Taittinger family, Domaine Carneros is the embodiment of Claude Taittinger’s dream of producing world-class sparkling wines in the cooler region of Carneros, California. Built in 1987, the estate has a cellar door inspired by the Château Louis Quinze de la Marquetterie, the home of Tattinger.

Domaine Giachino Don Giachino Sparkling 2018

Hope spreads from conflicts: this organic vineyard raised in the Chartreuse hills of French Savoy is planted on the site of a landslide that wiped out several villages in 1248. With local hero grape varieties, Jacquere and Mondeuse, it’s a delicious, floral, buttery appetizer.

Ca ‘Del Bosco Cuvée Prestige Edizione 43

The Franciacorta region in Lombardy provides the sparkling wines served at the glitter of Milan Fashion Week. This example (5) from Ca ‘del Bosco represents the forty-third interpretation of the art-rich estate of its multi-vintage label, drawing on no less than 189 vineyard plots from three different vintages. Assured and charming to measure.

From a single, sustainably certified winery just north of Henley comes a particularly juicy new English rosé that celebrates its vegan credentials. Drolly representing the deer that avidly gazes at the vines, the award-winning label is signed by the founder, Amy Duckett, who studied at the London College of Fashion.

And one for the road …

TRUE Sparkling Kombucha Iron Goddess

TRUE Sparkling Kombucha Iron Goddess

From the entrepreneur and lover of life, David Begg, one of the founders of Tom Dixon, offers an exceptionally fresh, complex and amber-hued Kombucha, with fine leaf tea “Tie Guan Yin”, which translates to by Iron Goddess of Mercy. Only 1,000 bottles manufactured

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