These parts of Connecticut have some of the oldest homes in the United States, report says

Two parts of Connecticut – the Hartford metropolitan area and Fairfield County – rank among the cities with the oldest housing in the country, according to a new report.

The regions each had a median house age of 53, according to a new survey from the Inspection Support Network. The study was based on data from the American Community Survey of the US Census Bureau.

The Hartford-East Hartford-Middletown metropolitan area was ranked 10th on the list of major subways with oldest housing. The top-ranked area was Buffalo-Cheektowaga in New York City, where the median age of the house was 63, according to the report.

The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area was ranked 12th on the list of mid-size subways with oldest housing. The highest ranked area was Scranton-Wilkes Barre in Pennsylvania.

The report uses the Bridgeport subway to refer to all of Fairfield County, spokesman Mike LaFirenza said.

The Hartford-East Hartford-Middletown area has 100,927 housing units built before 1940. This represents almost 20% of the housing stock.

Only 49,874 of the units were built after 2000, representing only 10 percent of the housing stock.

In the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area, just over 12.1% of existing homes have been built since 2000, compared to almost 19% built before 1940.

The Northeast region had the oldest median dwellings because it is “where cities have been established for the longest time and their higher densities make new construction more difficult,” the report said.

Although this is the first time the group has written this report, the numbers are unlikely to fluctuate much from year to year, LaFirenza said.

“Given the generally slow pace of new construction relative to the existing housing stock (especially in the northeast), these numbers don’t change much from year to year,” he wrote in response to questions from Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

Homeowners are more likely than renters to live in newer homes, and new homes tend to have higher real estate values, according to the report.

A survey by the National Association of Home Builders shows that 60 percent of homeowners would prefer a new home. The change began in 2020, according to the survey.

Homebuyers were worried about visiting homes already occupied because of COVID-19, new homes have more features than they wanted, and new homes were more likely to be located in suburbs where buyers wanted to live because they were looking for more space, according to the survey.

Building multi-family rental housing often comes with challenges that single-family homes do not present.

Connecticut advocates have argued that the state’s restrictive zoning laws prevent the construction of multi-family dwellings. Desegregate Connecticut, a group formed in 2020, has advocated for ways to expand the diversity and supply of our housing stock, ”according to its website.

“Restrictive zoning laws are a real barrier to building new affordable housing in many places,” the group said.

And new construction has been further slowed by the pandemic, pushing up procurement costs.

“New housing construction was hit hard at the start of the pandemic and then rebounded above pre-pandemic levels,” LaFirenza said. “However, in recent months new construction has slowed down considerably.”

Experts said supply chain issues were further slowing residential construction.

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