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Finding (and digging into) regional culinary delicacies across the country is one of the great joys of traveling, and among other great things to eat, every state is home to at least one local sandwich variant that’s definitely worth looking for. .

The great thing about sandwiches is that they can be made with almost anything: as long as it starts with bread, the world is your oyster – or maybe your oyster po’boy. . Want classic peanut butter and jelly? Dark. Fancy an old-fashioned grilled cheese or a turkey and Swiss? Pleasant. Or maybe you’d rather go big with a meatball sub? They are all delicious, and they are all among America’s Favorite Sandwiches.

Some sandwiches are inspired by the ethnic culinary heritage of a region; some are inspired by what is hunted, cultivated or fished locally; some are a ride on a local barbecue style; and some were simply invented in the state in question and have since become iconic.

24/7 Tempo identified the classic sandwich to try in each state and also recommended a sandwich shop or restaurant that serves a definitive version of it. Often this place is a restaurant, maybe one recommended in our list of the best restaurant in every state.

Click here to see the best local sandwich to try in each state

If you haven’t tried the definitive sandwich in your state yet, we suggest you research it. And if you’re a sandwich lover who’s planning to travel, you’ve got a whole new list of things to do.

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