Travelodge logo wows people after thinking it is “hills at sunset”


Logos are often the most recognized thing in a brand – from cars to stores and clothing lines.

But sometimes you don’t pay too much attention or watch what it really is.

This was the case of a man who blew people’s minds by revealing what the Travelodge logo really is.

The budget hotel chain uses a red, purple and blue logo that people often think of as a sunset.

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But they couldn’t be more wrong, mirror reports.

A video posted on TikTok, by a user named Marcel who posts as @ mrcel07, shared a close-up of the logo in images taken outside of a Travelodge hotel.

A voiceover asks viewers, “How old were you when you realized the Travelodge logo means people sleep under a duvet?” “

The short clip has been viewed over 130,000 times and has garnered comments from completely bewildered people.

“Today years ago. I thought it was just a few hills at sunset omgggg,” one person replied.

Can you see it now?

Another said, “What… I never knew that.

“Now I see it, I can’t ignore it, I’m 24 and just found out,” added a third.

A fourth, who was not in his thoughts, added: “I thought it was a mountain.”

“THOUGHT IT WAS HILLS AND A SUNSET ALL MY LIFE BYEEEEEE,” commented another stunned viewer.

Good, you learn something new every day.

And this is not the first time that a logo has made people talk.

Last year, a customer was blown away during her visit to The Range, after noticing a “hidden message” in their logo.

Posting on Facebook at the time, the buyer said, “So I was blown away today. I realized the range has an R in an orange circle as a logo, but I can’t see it as saying something other than orange now ??

“Has it been called orange from the start and we haven’t noticed it? Honestly, I’m baffled. Someone will explain this to me and restore my faith in humanity.”


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