Ukrainian refugees meet Blumenthal at lunch in New Haven – NBC Connecticut

This weekend we were lucky enough to meet Ukrainian refugees who arrived here at Bradley Airport two weeks ago.

They were among four refugee families who met with Senator Richard Blumenthal on Sunday afternoon in New Haven.

Simon Bobrovskii and his wife left their home as their only option after missiles started landing near their home. Bobrovskii is Russian and his wife is Ukrainian and they made their living in his native country. But once the Russian invasion began, they knew it was time to leave.

The couple fled Kyiv on March 26 and over the past few weeks have made several stopovers along the way. We are talking about Tijuana, Minnesota and finally Connecticut.

Lunch at Saint Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church was an opportunity for the family to talk about how they have adjusted to life in the United States and what can be improved to help other refugees who come Here Now.

“We can’t work. So, being in our early thirties, it’s very difficult for us to receive donations from people. Because now, in these events, when there is a war in Ukraine, there is has people who need these gifts and other things, we feel very bad taking it because look, we have two arms, we have two legs that have a hat on our shoulder, and we can actually work. We want to be useful here, to be useful to the Ukrainian people,” said Simon Bobrovskii.

“What he is referring to is the fact that the United States takes between three and six months to issue a work permit to people who entered legally on humanitarian parole, which is too long for someone doesn’t have a job,” attorney Dana Buchin said. .

Refugees also say that not being able to drive here in the United States has made self-sufficiency even more difficult.

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