Viralocity Software LLC, Woman-Founded Technology Company Secures Patent for “Pay-Per-View Scheduled Events and VOD”

The first and only patented social planning technological platform

Posted: October 20, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. MDT|Update: 9 minutes ago

MISSION HILLS, Calif., 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Live Broadcast Industry Needs To Reach 187 billion dollars by 2027, Viralocity Software is poised to be a big competitor. Founded and directed by Linda Franck, the rising tech company received the patent for its Pay-Per-View social planning technology, VIOOZ in 2020.

Currently, the majority of tech companies are male-owned, and recent statistics indicate that only 28% of startups have a female founder. So this is a massive victory for women in tech companies and women-owned businesses in general. With the events industry valued at over $ 1 billion and evolving daily to include all types of events, from business breakfasts to the Olympics and music concerts, having this patent is very important to Viralocity Software.

The VIOOZ scheduler app allows content creators to create, schedule and deliver exclusive paid content in their own master timeline. The pay-per-view platform is simple and easy to navigate, and creators can control their income or donations without any contracts or negotiations. Members can register as creators, public figures, administrators and fans. While other members are creating, fans can follow multiple public calendars and view upcoming social events or scheduled live broadcast events that will be available for purchase or on demand.

To limit negativity and hate as seen on other social media platforms, the platform was designed to be “no comments”. VIOOZ is largely concerned about the sanity of its creators and wants the platform to be seen as a “safe place” for content creators to express themselves. The live streaming platform also promises to firmly maintain its policy against inappropriate content such as pornography, indecent and discriminatory content. Additionally, the app will automatically delete inactive accounts and users will need to reapply to use the platform.

When asked what makes VIOOZ different, CEO and Founder, Linda Franck said, “We created VIOOZ with the vision to offer a platform that gives everyone the ability to plan and market their content, but in return, has the ability to give back. Can you imagine thousands of artists, content creators, celebrities, and organizations coming together and using their power to raise money for charity in one place? The funds raised could be donated to hundreds of charities across the country. It’s not just monumental, it’s a movement. Together we can do AMAZING things and there is no other platform on the market that can do what we do in such a organized and streamlined format. ”

As the only “patented“Owners of this new social media technology, the women-owned tech company intends to defend its patent against new and old companies that might want to take on it.

According to one of Linda’s favorite quotes by Mohadesa Najumi, “The woman who doesn’t demand validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” The tech company feels good about who it is and what it stands for.

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