White Hut in West Springfield is Massachusetts’ best burger, says Thrillist

White Hut’s cheeseburger with grilled onions has been named Massachusetts’ best burger, according to Thrillist.

“First of all, I love burgers from JM Curley, The Gallows, Eastern Standard, Craigie on Main and several others in my hometown,” Thrillist wrote of three Boston restaurants. “But the White Hut isn’t just my all-time favorite hamburger spot, it just might be my WORLD’S FAVORITE SINGLE PLACE.”

The website has compiled a list of the best burgers in each US state.

“Two cheeseburgers with fried onions at the counter, at the original in West Springfield. I ate this meal before I had any teeth. And so, I’m sorry for everyone else, but it was always going to be the hut here, ”the website continued.

In February 2020, Edward J. “EJ” Barkett, the third generation owner of White Hut, which was founded in 1939, abruptly closed the restaurant. No explanation was ever given, but sources told the Republican it was due to a dispute with its owner.

A group of local investors, including beloved local restaurant owner Andy Yee, who died in May, have come together to buy the business and establish a long-term lease on the property.

“We couldn’t let another icon disappear,” Yee said at the time. “People love The White Hut. They have been coming here for generations. We had to step in and save him.

The restaurant had a grand reopening of the food truck and famous Memorial Avenue location, sparking great joy in the community

“We are very fortunate to have great restaurants in Western Massachusetts, but few restaurants have an emotional connection to the families who have come here for generations to buy cheeseburgers and fried onions and Andy and I are thrilled. to be part of it, “Peter Picknelly, one of the new owners, said at the time.

Other New England burgers on the list are: K. LaMay’s in Connecticut, Harmon’s Lunch in Maine, Gilley’s PM Lunch in New Hampshire, Mission in Rhode Island, and Prohibition Pig in Vermont.

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